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…the gHOST becomes a ZePrA

ZePrA is a powerful but easy-to-use color server for Mac OS X or Windows. The program supports DeviceLink and ICC profiles and offers conversion and optimization of complete PDF print data as well as image data formats (PSD, TIFF and JPEG) via hot folders. ZePrA is therefore excellently suited for the standardized, color matching and optimization (process conversion, SaveInk, TAC reduction...) of delivered data to a standard printing process. ZePrA supports CMYK, RGB, grayscale, LAB and multicolor color spaces and spot colors, making it suitable for any printing process. ZePrA sets standards in terms of quality, performance and value for money!

ZePrA delivers the best color quality for all printing processes. Whether digital toner-based printing systems, large-format printing, traditional offset printing, flexo printing, gravure printing or newspaper printing – ZePrA has the right answer to every requirement with the new SmartLink module – and is also very easy to operate. In addition, ZePrA offers multicolor and spot color support for HiFi printing or packaging printing that uses additional or other colors than CMYK.

ZePrA has a modular structure and can therefore be adapted and expanded to meet individual requirements!

ZePrA BASIC is the basic version of ZePrA. It already offers all functions for processing PDF (PDF/X-1a, X-3, X-4, X-5n), PSD, PSB, TIFF and JPEG data. ZePrA Basic supports any number of hotfolders. Both ICC and DeviceLink profiles can be used for color conversion. The BASIC package includes transparency reduction, the CLI option for integration in Enfocus Switch and the DeviceLink Basic Set (click here for the list) for use exclusively with ZePrA.

Optional modules for ZePrA:

Multithreading: Multithreading technology allows parallel processing of multiple files at the same time
SmartLink: Module for automatic and dynamic DeviceLink profile calculation
SpotColor: Module for converting spot colors to process colors based on color libraries with highest color accuracy.
Gradation: Module for creating and applying gradation curves
SaveInk: Automatically calculates SaveInk DeviceLink profiles in ZePrA to save ink.
MultiColor: Module for supporting and using multicolor ICC profiles and multicolor DeviceLink profiles in ZePrA

The modules are also available in discounted packages:


All functions of BASIC


  • SmartLink
  • Gradation
  • Multithreading


All functions of LARGE


  • SaveInk


All functions of XLARGE


  • MultiColor
  • SpotColor
  • SmartLink MultiColor
  • Sonderfarben-Report

€ 6.000,- net

€ 7.140,- incl. German VAT

€ 8.000,- net

€ 9.520,- incl. German VAT

€ 10.000,- net

€ 11.900,- incl. German VAT

Functions Package Includes System Requirements

Key Features

ZePrA Smart Color Server can be integrated into an existing workflow for immediate results.

  • Wizard Driven: Create workflows with the Auto Setup Wizard to automate color management tasks quickly
  • PantoneLIVE® Integration: Access all PantoneLIVE libraries within the Spot Color Module
  • Transparency Flattening: Flatten PDF files on-the-fly for color conversion
  • Cloud Functionality: Easily share spot color libraries and profiles utilizing cloud services
  • Ink Saving and TAC Reduction: Create SaveInk and TAC reduction workflows with a few short clicks
  • Spot Color Iteration: Iterate spot colors for even more accurate conversions
  • Enfocus Switch Integration: Integrate ZePra’s features into Enfocus Switch Flows
  • Spot Color Reporting: Verify spot color conversions with workflows before processing

Package Includes

  • ZePrA software for Mac and PC
  • Download
  • TAN for unlocking the software on-line (24/7)
  • Optional
    – USB-Dongle for flexible use
    – Support Agreement for support and free upgrades

Minimum System Requirements


  • Windows 2003 Server, XP SP2, 2008 Server R2, 2008 Server, 7, 8, 10
  • Intel® Pentium 4-Processor
  • 8GB RAM, 1GB Available Disk Space, minimum
  • Graphic Card Supporting 1280x1024 Pixel and 24 Bit Color Depth


  • Mac OS X 10.7
  • Intel® Processor
  • 8GB RAM, 1GB Available Disk Space, minimum
  • Graphic Card Supporting 1280x1024 Pixel und 24 Bit Color Depth

ZePrA runs under Mac OS X as a real 64bit application!

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