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27.03.2017: basICColor IMProve 3.1.3




Minimum System Requirements:
MAC OS X: 10.6* (4GB RAM)
WINDOWS: 7 (64bit and 4GB RAM)


Version 3.1.3
- Added chinese basICColor Licensing and basICColor IMProve manuals


Version 3.1.2
- New measurement instrument in the Export Chart tool: Konica Minolta FD-9
- Update: japanese translation and manual
- Update: chinese translation


- Fixed file saving options
- Fixed viewing of some CxF3 files
- Fixed CxF3 import for special 3rd party CxF3 file
- Improved performance for importing and processing of large CxF3 files without device data
- Fixed Index Errors in Custom Chart tool
- Fixed accidentally rotation of exported test charts
- Fixed accuracy of tone value corrections according to TVI targets with spectral data
- Fixed tone value corrections according to TVI targets with density settings in preferences
- Fixed redundancies tool with automatic option
- Fixed Edit Primaries with large amount of spot colors under Windows


Version 3.1.0
- Report overhaul: Extensively reworked sample colors section of the report & added report of gradations (Lab/LCh & densities where applicable)
- Added print standard evaluation for Multicolor reports
- Added linearity curves to report
- Added option to select DeltaE methods for report
- Optimized Report dialog
- Added simple reordering tools for charts: Added tools for mirroring, rotating & swapping rows with columns
- Allow to load full tone colors without DCS references in edit primaries tool: Pantone colors imported from CxF files can now be used in the Edit Primaries tool
- Added progress bar to Edit Primaries dialog
- Added information text regarding paper white changes in Edit Primaries dialog
- Added option to export test charts as PDF files
- Added option to always use the full chart width in Export Chart tool.
- Link tool can now merge separate device & CIE data
- Added 'Clear entries' file menu item
- Added support for CGATS XML format
- Improved CxF support according to ISO 17972-1:2015
- Added support for spot colour characterisation data (CxF/X-4) according to ISO 17972-4:2015
- The OK button in each tool is preselected now so that a tool can be applied with the return key
- Added different calculation methods for White Correction tool
- Added support for Abstract profiles in ICC Transformation tool
- Fixed CIE Conversion tool
- Fixed creation of one patch with Custom Chart
- Fixed smoothing of linearity/TVI in highlights in Rescale tool
- Fixed progress bar for Report generation
- Fixed rendering intents in ICC Transformation tool.
- Better handling of unsupported files

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