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12.11.2012: basICColor catch with added functionality

basICColor catch comes in a new version

The new version of basICColor catch measures according to ISO 13655:2009 and much more!

catch 4 Messfenster

Regardless if you want to control the quality of your proof prints or your fine art prints or your press run according to PSO or ISO 12647-x, there is no color measure task that could not be performed with basICColor catch. It goes without saying that basICCoor catch supports the latest istrumentation with measure condition M1 in accordance with ISO 13655:2009. With the Konica Minolta FD-7 you can measure up to 16 spektra simultaneously and save them to a file. An individual measure illuminant can be used for emulating specific viewing conditions.

The QC modules control and certify allow for checking compliance with current standards for proof or press prints as well as uniformity of digital prints and even displays.

The new statistics module allows for an analysis of your color quality for arbitrary time intervals. The basICColor catch suite also contains a free statistics reader which can be redistributed at no cost. It permits viewing and analyzing of statistical data generated with the full version – an essential tool for superiors, quality managers and quality aware customers.

basICColor statistics

basICColor catch supports most of the popular spectrophotometers, including the new FD-5 and FD-7 by Konica Minolta even on xy-tables, as well as X-Rite's i1iSis and i1Pro2, with or w/o i1iO2. UV-cut measurement with the i1iSis can be done in one pass only – 50% time saving compared with any other solution!

Measurement data will be passed on to basICColor´s printer profilers – dropRGB 2 and CMYKick 2. The color space of the data determines which profiler to use.  

You best experience the many new functions yourself. You can download basICColor catch with all ts modules for free and test drive it for 14 days. 


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