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12.04.2018: basICColor catch v5.0.7


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Minimum System Requirements:
MAC OS X: 10.7* (4GB RAM)
WINDOWS: 7 (64bit and 4GB RAM)

* NOTE: the Konica Minolta FD-9 instrument requires OS X 10.9 or higher; under 10.7 and 10.8 the instrument is not supported and therefore not in the selection list!


Version 5.0.7 build 1845
- NEW: added new measurement jobs for 'Quality Control Press PSO': 'ECI_GrayConM_i1'
- Added URL in the "Drivers" folder to download the Techkon Service (TDService. which is necessary to run the Techkon instruments unde Windows
- Added Targetdefinition: basICColor dcam mini
- Added Targetdefinition: Munsell Linear GrayScale
- Added Targetdefinition: SpyderCHECKR
- Added Targetdefinition: pressSETUP_A3
- Added Targetdefinition: Barbieri DOC
- Bugfix: corrected the „basICColor scan.xml“ targetdefinition so that the measurement file can be used as reference in basICColor input5
- Bugfix: corrected the „basICColor scan.xml“ targetdefinition so that the measurement file can be used as reference in basICColor input5


Version 5.0.6 build 1845
- Added chinese manual for: basICColor Licensing, basICColor catch, basICColor calibrate
- Updated language strings DE, EN, JA
- Bugfix: added message warning when importing non-spectral data to QC print measurement
- Bugfix: importing text data with non-catch spectral format


Version 5.0.5 build 1838
- NEW: FD-9 driver with extended modes
- NEW: FD-9 driver with mode switch
- NEW: FD-9 driver with chart rotation feature
- Updated: 'calibrate' 3.2.0 (Build 161012)
- Updated: Improved performance of label printing
- Updated translations DE, EN, JA
- Added new menu selection “Update report”. This creates an .xml file and a pdf of the aktive measurement. Only available if measurement is completed.
- Added logfile system to catch
- Added new Spectropad driver with device value display
- Added missing framework for Techkon, more modification for driver device values
- Extended Techkon SpectroJet support, modified devicedescriptions, restricted logfile to 1MB, more logfile drivers
- Added Targetdefinition: ECI-bvdm Gray Control Strip TVI
- Added Targetdefinition: IT874_Visual and IT874_Random
- Added „Input“ Targetdefinitions: ColorChecker24.xml, IT872 Kodak.xml, ColorCheckerDC - 2 pages.xml, IT872 basICColor.xml, ColorCheckerDC.xml, basICColor dcam - 2 pages.xml, ColorCheckerSG.xml, basICColor dcam.xml, HutchColor v15.xml, basICColor rescan.xml, IT872 Fuji.xml, basICColor scan.xml
- Added ECI vvdm GrayCon L Target definitions: ECI-bvdm Gray Control Strip L
- Bugfix: Fixes inactive profiler selection. Measurement data can be transmitted directly to profiler if set in preferences.
- Bugfix: Fixes enabling issues of module statistic
- Bugfix: Fixed a crash if only one color in TVI
- Bugfix: A measurement can be set as reference for assessment in control
- Bugfix: Fixes wrong delta H in certify
- Bugfix: Fixed a Techkon SpectroDens device recognition issue under OS X
- Bugfix: Fixed missing click sound on WIndows
- Bugfix: Fixes device colors not being updated when loading an existing measurement
- Bugfix: DOTGAIN ISO Curve usage was not visible in report
- Bugfix: fixed performance when application running in background
- Bugfix: old jobs got ISO Curve selected instead of gain reference file. Now reference file is selected.
- Bugfix: crash fixed when exporting large jobs. For job folders larger than 400 MByte a new style export file is created, old style export files are still supported
- Bugfix: Fixes wrong values with legacy mmds
- Bugfix: Fixes wrong patch in „stepwedge_2007_v2_01.tif“ one patch was 10% instead of 5%


Version 5.0.2 build 1752
- Bugfix: Metamerism Index UV is shown again
- Bugfix: Preferences Dialog starts again in the selected language
- Bugfix: i1iO driver has been revised (Note: positioning bug still exists; 180°)


Version 5.0.1 build 1739
- IMPORTANT: Measurement Jobs have been revised; as the installer doesn't overwrite any job you need to rename/delete the existing ‘Jobs catch 5’ folder prior installation
- NEW: added new measurement jobs: 'pressSETUP' and 'Quality Control Press PSO'
- NEW: manuals for following measurement instruments: KonicaMinolta FD-9, X-Rite i1Pro 2
- NEW: the basICColor manuals and the KonicaMinolta FD-7/FD-5 manuals have been revised
- The 'Spectral Data' item has been removed from the export file in following jobs: One Patch (only reflective), Printer Profiling CMYK, Printer Profiling RGB, Quality Control Instrument
- The Measurement Jobs with the i1pro and FOGRA51 and FOGRA52 as reference have been deleted as there is a mismatch: M0 <-> M1
- Translations updated: changed TVI "Standard curve" to "Fogra curve"
- Still no Barbieri SpectroPad Jobs as the development is not completed
- Bugfix: for calibrate: the pull-down menu with all export formats is not inactive anymore —> NEW Version 3.1.1 (Build 151207)
- Bugfix: failure to read exportpath if used as followup job
- Bugfix: Licensing Language switch, Licensing drive errors, Licensing fonts too big under Windows
- Bugfix: crash fixed when importing a MMD measurement file
- Bugfix: fixed huge memory bug, More memory optimizations


Version 5.0.0 build 1718
- NEW: wizard mode - assistant that allows easy selecting and launching of measurement tasks
- NEW: the module 'calibrate' allows easy calibration of your plate setter and print press
- NEW: 'pressSETUP' test form for setting up the press for compliance with ISO, any other standard or optimal print contrast with a press run of 1
- NEW: Konica Minolta FD-9, Barbieri electronic Spectro LFP, Barbieri electronic Spectropad, Techkon SpectroDens, Techkon SpectroJet, Datacolor Spyder3 SR
- NEW: X-Rite i1iO 2, X-Rite i1iSis 2
- NEW: reference files FOGRA51, FOGRA52
- NEW: TVI curves based on ISO 12647-2:2013
- New feature: New tab 'Job Properties' in Job Manager where the user can set the job features. This includes special features and the option to select follow up jobs and application.
- New feature: New "find color" dialog embedded in the "Visualization" menu. This enables the user to search for primary colors as well as custom colors within the measurement area.
- Enhanced feature:Improved measurement window, added new icons that show a direct path to targets (thumbnail) and reference files. Also a new pulldown menu was added for an easier and direct selection of any measurement. This includes arrows left/right for a direct selection of the previous/next measurement.
- Enhanced feature: New shortcut pulldown menu when selecting job in the jobmanager with right mouse click.
- Enhanced feature: Changed the licensing window to a more user-friendly behavior. An added feature is, that the user gets informed that a temporary license is about to expire in the "Status" line. (3 day warning period).
- Enhanced feature: statistics was extended to be able to show more than 999 measurements.
- Added feature: last imported job is shown in bold+italic writing for easier recognition.
- Added feature: User can now now select how the evaluation in control is computed: Absolute, Relative, Custom Whitepoint settings are available
- Added feature: the Driftindicator evaluation can now be added to the PDF-report if selected in the preferences.
- Added feature: User can now select to save the measurement data automatically after each strip. Enable this function in the advanced preferences.
- Added feature: basICColor spectral measurement data can now be used in Gretag and Heidelberg tools.
- Added feature: new pulldown menu in QC print to have a choice between an absolute, a relative or a custom colorimetric white point when selecting an ICC profile as reference file.
- Added feature: delta uv is shown when a job is measured with the Konica Minolta FD7 measurement device in emissive mode.
- Added feature: new checkbox to preselect spot measuring mode. The checkbox is located on the Instrument tab of the Job Manager.
- Added feature: a single measurement can be loaded from a job within the job manager via a right click. "Load measurement" shows the measurement number and comment 1 and 2
- Added feature: jobs can now be re-named in the job editor, all measurement data of the job is kept.
- Added feature: it is now possible to measure a "One Patch Target Emissive" continuously in automatic mode. Measurement frequency (in seconds) can be set via "Preferences". All measurements are saved separately to make detailed analyzing possible.
- Added Feature: mouse-over text for wizard-mode and expert-mode buttons
- Added Feature: Improved 'Find color' menu: predefined colors are sorted into a more sensible order for CMYK and RGB beginning with white and black.
- Paths to HelperApps are hidden in "Preferences" when marked 'false' in style.xml
- Cosmetic fix: Full reference file path is shown in tooltip when reference file is too long for reference file field.
- Cosmetic fix: clean up of statistic window, confusing backgrounds were shown in older versions
- Cosmetic fix: imported Jobs are shown in bold letters again
- Cosmetic fix: Improved measurement window: thumbnail and icons stay in position when changing the size of the measurement window. Timestamp was moved closer to measurement pulldown menu for a more user friendly appearance.
- Cosmetic fix: Clean-up: standardized popup information window for missing feature(s)/license(es) where applicable.
- Bugfix: Lab reference value is now transferred to spoTTuner
- Bugfix: Fixed layout (page break) on reports.
- Bugfix: when cloning a job and selecting "use measurement" as reference the job did not work previously.
- Bugfix: catch no longer crashes when user opens a job with a measurement device setting that is not in the Devicedscription.
- Bugfix: catch no longer crashes when editing a template
- Bugfix: Phantom Ev/T values are no longer displayed prior measuring.
- Bugfix: the predefined Template settings are now automatically carried over to the Jobs settings.
- Bugfix: fixed a crash when ignore patches were measured
- Bugfix: correct display of Lab values in the spectral curve window.
- Bugfix: Comments are shown in the "select measurement" window now.
- Bugfix: TVI values are transferred to the PDF-report correctly.
- Bugfix: Values for 'custom color' are memorized inbetween searches.
- Bugfix: fixed a crash when measuring the IT873 target with the FD7-C olorscout due to interface problems.
- Bugfix: catch no longer crashes when using the "find next" option
- Bugfix: Statistics now searches smarter for data files & status.xml files and is backwards compatible now. If is not set to true the measurement XXX.xml files AND the status.xml files now carry the light source in their name, later allowing to switch via Statistics Dialog
- Bugfix: "Show in Finder/Windows Explorer" function is active for showing target location via thumbnail/button in the measurement window.
- Bugfix: Fixed the flash measuring. Flash measurement was not recognized previously.
- Bugfix: old measurement can be re-measured again, previously a new measurement would open automatically even when an old measurement was selected.
- Bugfix: measurement timestamps are now set and shown in correct order.
- Bugfix: direct reveal folder in measurement window for target selection is working again
- Bugfix: now the template can be edited regardless on the number of jobs it holds. In previous versions the template could not be edited if there was one job in the template.
- Bugfix: (Windows only) fixed key combination Strg + N to load a new measurement directly.
- Bugfix: evaluation graphics of the certify module are now updated when toggling between measurements. Previously only the measurement values were updated.
- Bugfix: fixed a crash that would occur when using a job with ignore-patches.
- Bugfix: fixed a crash that would happen when importing a .c4e job and the default catch 5 Job folder was selected in the application.
- Bugfix: Fixed a bug that would prohibit a Windows generated catch certify .c4e file to be opened on a Mac due to a "\" in the reference file path.
- Bugfix: fixed a crash that happened when closing a job and having used the FD-7 measurement device.
- Bugfix (Windows only) fixed an error popup-window that demanded to put a storage device in to a (non-existing) drive.
- Bugfix: some patches, mainly of larger targets, could no longer be seen or accessed when the measurement window was compressed to a small size
- Bugfix: Comments could not be saved, the date and time of the measurement was not shown. When averaging measurement data the spectral data was lost also.
- Bugfix: Editing and saving an existing job under a new name was not possible because the application would show an error that could not be overcome.
- Bugfix: fixed a bug that application would crash when closing a job without having a valid license.
- Bugfix: some catch versions created an invalid (relative) export path of the Job folder in the export settings. Jobs could not be opened as a result.
- Bugfix: (Windows only): fixed a bug that jobs could not be exported due to a n incorrect default export path setting
- Bugfix: mutated vowels in the comment fields are displayed correctly
- Bugfix: (Windows only): languages selected in the preferences are now used in the application
- Bugfix: averaging spectral measurement data in previous versions failed
- Bugfix: window showing the spectal data is now keeping its size when toggling between measurements
- Bugfix: Corrected Text in Pop-up window requesting the calibration of the measurement device.
- Bugfix: fixed a crash of catch when values in the drift indicator were changed.
- Bugfix: statistic module is now able to handle more than 999 entries. It was limited to 999 entries in previous versions.
- Bugfix: spectralcure and spectraldata is now shown correctly
- Bugfix: Measurement devices are recognized in the Windows application due to an added library.

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