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27.03.2017: basICColor DeviL v4.0.2




Minimum System Requirements:
MAC OS X: 10.5 (Intel only)


Version 4.0.2 build 18990 (MAC) / 18991 (WIN)
- Update: chinese basICColor Licensing and basICColor DeviL manuals


Version 4.0.1 build 18990 (MAC) / 18991 (WIN)
- Update: japanese translation and manual
- Update: chinese translation


Version 4.0.0 build 18990 (MAC) / 18991 (WIN)

- NEW: added Profile Inspector
- NEW: added Profiling (MultiColor)
- NEW: added Batch Overview


- Printer Profiling: Improved separation using first printed tone.
- DeviceLinking: Improved first printed tone (production).
- Fixed import of preset configurations.
- Fixed the initialization of the default report output directory when opening the preferences dialog.
- MacOS: Fixed support for OS X 10.10 aliases.
- EditLink: Fixed support for Lab edit chart.


- Improved Image Conversion to handle file types for conversions to multicolor
- Profiling: Improved first printed dot simulation
- Profiling: Removed unsupported entry "Printed tone at 1%"


- Profiling: Automatic pre-calculation of black point in the user interface, removed manual calculation button.
- Profiling: Fixed that the file name of loaded measurement data was only shown after resizing the dialog.
- Device Linking: The white exception is enabled automatically in case the Gray exception is selected and an absolute colorimetric rendering intent is chosen.


- Device Linking: Hide "Create Preview Profile" option when trying to save DLs with a Multicolor colorspace (>4 channels)
- Device Linking: Added exception to replace 400% CMYK by pure black
- Device Linking: Improvements for RGB DeviceLinks in some cases
- Device Linking: Improved CMYK to CMYK when black TAC is lower than 200% and total TAC higher
- Profiling: Improved Gray Profiling
- Profile Inspector: Moved <Duplicate> Button into Context-Menu
- Profile Inspector: "Save Gray-Profile" creates full functional printer profiles.
- Profile Inspector: Added Other Filter "System Profiles" to list assigned monitor profiles
- SaveInk Profiling: Fixed bad TAC calculation in some cases
- Importing settings from 3rd party printer profiles will set the black point mode to 'Custom'
- Improved sorting of profile lists
- Improved and speed up update/search of profiles
- Profiling preset handling improved
- Fixed error message in profile report for save ink profiles build with the editing module


- Device Linking & Profiling: Improved black point calculation (Auto and BalanceCMY). Repeated application of <Calculate> should not be necessary.
- Device Linking & Profiling: Improved Multicolor generation to generate a larger gamut
- Device Linking & Profiling: Improved separation methods for low TAC and high Black-Start settings
- Device Linking: First Printed Tone for Production forces non zero channels to the first printed tone. Note that 0% channels stay untouched to maintain overprinting properties.
- Profiling: Fixed editing of custom black point
- Profiling (RGB only): Fixed processing of measurement data (may have caused artifacts and bad profile precision)
- Profiling (MultiColor only): Improved multi color generation for smooth method
- Profile Inspector: removed useless tests for some device link profiles
- SaveInk Profiling: Fixed wrong display of black point L* in mode "Profile" when changing TAC
- SaveInk Profiling: New Preset "TAC-Limit240" with high InkSave for improved shadow areas


- Profiling: Improved gamut mapping for small gamuts
- Profiling: Boosted speed of profile calculation
- Profiling: Increased grid size of profiles for very large profile sizes
- Profiling: Added better visualization features for measurement data
- Profiling & Device Linking: Improved perceptual rendering on substrates with low brightness and high contrast
- Profiling: Option to define Highlights, "First Printed Tone" simulates a late starting point of tone ramps, "Printed Tone at 1%" simulates high TVI of tone ramps
- Profiling & Device Linking: Added additional basICColor rendering method Minimal Compression
- Profiling: "Auto" separation uses "MaxK" for extreme ink sets. This only happens if the colorants do not include the gray axis.
- Profiling: Using the perceptual rendering "Blackpoint Compensation" also tweaks the profile so that applying BPC to perceptual or saturation won't change the blackpoint.
- Device Linking: Option to define Highlights, "First Printed Tone" (Proofing), simulates a late starting point of tone ramps, "First Printed Tone" (Production), starts with high tones values right away except white.
- Device Linking: Moved selection of Correction Profile from start page to the settings under Rendering
- Device Linking: Improved Auto Exception feature
- Device Linking: Improved precision using correction profiles
- DeviceLink Editing: Improved visualization of editing in loaded edit charts
- DeviceLink Editing: Improved precision for curve editing only
- Profile Inspector: Profile reports can be saved as PDF file
- Profile Inspector: Added Smooth LUTs tool to the context menu
- Profile Inspector: Improved precision of curve display


Version 3.1.0 build 14433
- Fixed shadow handling for low Overall-TAC/Black-TAC
- Fixed reading of profile TAC settings (checking the whole gamut)
- Improved separation methods to maximize the gamut when using black-start and black-width
- Improved color interpolation to get smoother gradients in some cases.
- OSX: Removed PowerPC support


Version 3.0.0 build 14206
- Improved black point calculation for Auto and BalanceCMY
- Improved Gamut Mapping: Fixed "blue turns purple" problems in some cases
- Improved Gamut Mapping: Improved saturation in red and green areas
- Check for 'Demo-Profiles' and 'Licensed-Profiles' directories and create them, if they do not exist
- Fixed showing of divider entry in profile chooser
- DeviceLink Profiling: Fixed GUI issues when switching between UCR and GCR black generation settings


- Improved SaveInk profiling for some non-homogeneous color spaces
- Improved support for Simplified Chinese language
- Fixed profile recognition under Win XP 64bit
- Fixed exceptions for RGB-to-RGB DeviceLinks


- File Transformation renamed to Image Conversion
- File Transformation: Added Source File preview
- File Transformation: Easier profile selection
- File Transformation: Added embedded profile information
- DeviceLink Profiling: Profile lists ordered by device color space
- DeviceLink Profiling: Added support for input profiles (camera/scanner).
- DeviceLink Profiling: Smoother black channel using "preserve separation" method
- DeviceLink Profiling: "Auto" black point does not reduce TAC below 300% to avoid gamut limitations in colorful shadow areas. Enter lower TAC values manually if required.
- DeviceLink Profiling: Exception "Adapt TVI to source profile" works independently from other exceptions now.
- DeviceLink Editing: Marking of colors changed by the exceptions.


- DeviceLink Profiling: Added option Auto exception to calculate the best exceptions for a given source and target profile. Auto exceptions can be turned on or off for manual selections.
- File Transformation tool shows save ink amount for CMYK to CMYK conversions.
- Preview profiles calculated with demo license will not be encrypted anymore
- Many small bug fixes


- DeviceLink Exceptions: Minor change to preserve the same channels, especially for secondaries. (Instead of zeroing the minimum output channel.)
- DeviceLink Editing: Improved precision (especially for CMYK targets)
- Improved Gamut Mapping method
- SaveInk Profiling: Option to preserve secondaries if TAC is below 200%
- Improved black start handling for separations


- DeviceLink Profiling: Graphics for Gamut Compression, Black Generation
- DeviceLink Profiling: Graphics of affected exception colors
- DeviceLink Editing: Optional definition of source and destination profile. This enables automatic processing by workflow applications.
- DeviceLink Editing: Calculation of a preview profile. (Requires selection of source and destination profile.)
- DeviceLink Editing: true color preview, if source/destination profile are defined
- File Transformation: Option to embed the target profile


- New SaveInk module
- New SaveInk feature: skin tone exception
- New SaveInk feature: Custom exceptions
- SaveInk Profiling: Fixed import of settings
- SaveInk Profiling: Fixed problems in the lights even when using maximum settings: Often all primaries were used below 10% caused by exception handling.


- DeviceLink Profiling: Manual blackpoint supports separate editing of TAC
- New device linking exception "Preserve TVI" which preserves the Tone Value Increase of the primaries.
- Removed exception mode chooser. Fixed setting is 'optimize', it fits for all known cases
- DeviceLink Profiling: fixed optimize exceptions with destination color space RGB
- DeviceLink Profiling: Optional calculation of a preview profile.
- DeviceLink Profiling: Support for abstract profiles as correction profiles
- Fixed disabled 100% black exception for gray source profiles
- Added blackpoint info for DeviceLink and SaveInk profiling
- Respects TAC below 200%
- DeviceLink Editing: new exceptions 100% C,M,Y and 100% R,G,B


- PhotoShop file format (PSD) support (composite image only - layer information ignored)
- Import and Export of configurations via File menu
- Removed duplicates from profile lists
- Converting pixmap files with DeviceLink-profiles will embed the destination profile of the DeviceLink if available.
- MAC OS X: Faster application switching. Uses the system cache to track profile changes.
- Improved reading/processing of files with missing file name extension
- Batch Profiling
- Displays required license for the selected configuration


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