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Price: € 790,00 * * RSP
(€ 940,10 incl. German VAT)


Professional Lab-Grade Colorimeter for Soft Proofing

basICColor DISCUS is a high end colorimeter for exact measurement of monitors, projectors, large format displays, viewing booths, and ambient light. The flat faced device with an anodized aluminum unibody housing is beautifully finished. Because this device uses ultra thin glass filters, the results are highly accurate, long-term stable and reproducable. This is a critical component in producing critical accuracy with soft proofing - with applications in pre-press, photography, design, digital signage, and in video production. The DISCUS offers selection of three measurement modes. It also supports telephoto measurements of large format displays and projection displays. For this purpose a tripod mount, a measurement angle of 4°, and a laser beam for alignment have been added. As expected, the colorimeter lays flat on all kinds of displays for accurate color sampling, with absolute protection from oblique ambient light interference. As this device has become the industry reference standard, your investment is protected by the guarantee of future support within several software packages.

basICColor DISCUS and basICColor display software have joined to produce an uncompromised team!

Update your DISCUS individually with the basICColor DISCUS Calibration Updater for the latest monitor models!

Universal Colorimeter

basICColor DISCUS supports contact measurements, telephoto measurements with laser positioning, as well as ambient light measurement. The unique housing design offers ultraflat contact with conventional displays, and laser positioning with evolving technology displays.

Proven Stability

Using premium coated optical glass filters, and combination with sensors offering high inter-instrument agreement, the DISCUS guarantees long life stability. Each device is individually calibrated and can also be recertified. This provides peace of mind that the measurements and results achieve the highest possible standard. An otional maintenance agreement keeps your DISCUS up to date for lifetime).

Lab-grade Precision

The DISCUS is the only competitive device offering a temparature sensor, which combined with unique circuitry, compensates for device warming that occurs during the course of repeated measurements. The device maintains perfect reference to absolute black and insures accuracy in the shadow region measurements.


What our customers say about the basICColor DISCUS:
"The basICColor DISCUS was outstanding"... says Dry Creek Photo.
"The DISCUS fits the bill for everything a high end user needs in a display calibration device"... says Chromix.

Functions Package Includes Accessories Compatibility


  • Measure Modes: Contact, tele and (ambient) light measurement
  • Optical Design: Highly sensitive colorimetric sensor with long-term stable thin-film glass filters, (Glasfilter), elaborate optical path for a large measure spot even in contact measurement
  • Aperture Angle In Contact And Tele Measurement: +/- 2°
  • Measure Spot In Contact: ø ca. 7 mm
  • Measure Spot In Tele Measurement, Distance 1m: ø ca. 7 cm
  • Measure Spot In Tele Measurement, Distance 10m: ø ca. 70 cm
  • Filter Wheel With 3 Positions:
    • Black calibration position and protection for optics and laser pointer
    •• Tele- and contact measurement position with filter thread for (lens hood, filter,...)
    ••• Integrated flat calotte for light measurement (Aperture angle 180°)
  • Contact Measurement: Mounting suspension with tape measure
  • Tele Measurement: 3/8” tripod socket, laserpointer, tape measure
  • Light Measurement: 3/8" tripod socket, laserpointer, coplanar unibody housing for measurement of lighting (lightbox, copy holder for proof prints, print control station...), flat calotte coplanar with paper surface at a distance of only 27mm from the surface, 2 positioning aids at 45 for repeatable appraisal of stray light
  • Housing: Aluminum Unibody For Added Robustness And Thermal Stability
  • Measurement Range: Luminance: 0,05 to 2.500 cd/qm
    Chromaticity: 0,05 to 2.500 cd/qm
  • Accuracy: Luminance: +/-2% 1 digit ( 1 ~500cd/m2 )
    Chromaticity: +/-0.002 Illuminant D65
    Chromaticity: +/-0.0025 CCT 4000-15000K
    Chromaticity: +/-0.0065 for other colors
  • Calibration: PTB traceable
  • Flickering: Measurement according to VESA standard
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Power Supply: 4,7 to 5,5V DC through USB adapter
  • Parameter Storage: 8 different base calibrations (5 used by factory settings), 22 positions for fine-tune monitor calibrations available through DISCUS Updater
  • Speed: max. 10 measurements/s for low sensitivity, max. 4 measurements/s for high sensitivity
  • Temperature Compensation: 10°C to 50°C
  • USB Cable: ca. 1800mm
  • Dimensions: ø 97mm, height: 27mm, weight: 310g

Package Includes

  • basICColor DISCUS Instrument w/ laser pointer and integrated calotte
  • mounting suspension w/ integrated tape measure
  • socket adapter 3/8" to 1/4"


The package does not include a basICColor display license!

basICColor DISCUS accessories

Protect your valuable instrument with a specially designed solid, water-resistant and dustproof case: IP67 (or IP57) - the basICCase. The basICColor DISCUS can be stored in this shock resistant case and transported.
The basICCase are available in 2 different sizes:

  • basICCase I for basICColor DISCUS: € 84,- net (€ 99,96 incl. German VAT)
  • basICCase II for basICColor DISCUS and optional table stand: € 198,- net (€ 235,62 incl. German VAT)

For optimal tele measurements with the basICColor DISCUS in front of your monitor, a rugged table stand with vibration absorbing rubber buffers is available. The 3/8" thread holds the basICColor DISCUS safely in perfect vertical alignment. Adjusting the height of the tripod makes it possible to fit any monitor size. Together with the basICColor DISCUS the table stand can be kept in the basICCase II for transport and storage.

  • Table stand: € 29,- net (€ 34,51 incl. German VAT)



basICColor DISCUS is supported by the following software products:

  • basICColor GmbH – basICColor display 5
  • Just Normlicht – adJUST monitor calibration 5
  • NEC – SpectraView Profiler 5
  • NEC – SpectraView II
  • SMARtt – softproofware
  • Remote Director
  • Serendipity Software – Veripress
  • Ugra Display Analysis and Certification Tools (UDACT)
  • EIZO – ColorNavigator 6.4.2
  • Quato Technology – iColor Display 3
  • SpectraCal – CalMAN v4
  • Display Calibrations LLC – ChromaPure
  • basICColor GmbH – basICColor catch 4
  • Konica Minolta – Color Care
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