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22.03.2017: basICColor display v5.8.1


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Minimum System Requirements:
MAC OS X: 10.6 (Intel only)


Version 5.8.1 build 146.123
- NEW NEC SDK (Revision 160404): Supports newer monitor models with SpectraView engine – Note: 80 and 90 series not supported
- Update of the Eizo SDK: support the new hardware calibratable monitors: CG2420 and CG2730
- Improvement for LUT profiles


Version 5.7.2 build 101.99
- NEW Eizo SDK (version 1.0.7) to support the new hardware calibratable monitors: CG248-4K, CG318-4K
- NEW monitor communications interface DLL for Windows from NEC; this new version fixes 'no communications' problems with the latest Nvidia drivers
- bugfix: more than 3 Machine IDs are managed in the licensing framework


Version 5.7.1 build 98.96
- Update to the latest DISCUS SDK
- bugfix: DISCUS driver under OS X El Capitan
- bugfix: JUST viewing booth measurements
- bugfix: ambient mode was not correctly set in some devices


Version 5.7.0 build 95.93
- NEW: support for Microsoft Windows® 10
- NEW: added support for Datacolor Spyder5 instrument
- Improvement of the hardware calibration for following displays: NEC SpectraView Reference 242, NEC SpectraView Reference 272, NEC SpectraView Reference 302, NEC SpectraView Reference 322UHD, NEC MultiSync LCD PA242W, NEC MultiSync LCD PA272W, NEC MultiSync LCD PA302W, NEC MultiSync PA322UHD
- DISCUS driver for MAC and WIN updated (MAC: basICColor DISCUS 1.4.pkg / WIN: FTDI CDM Drivers 2.12.04)
- Some internal updates in the measurement devices and light box plugins
- bugfix: fixed aborting the validation dialog during a profile validation job
- bugfix: suppress redundant message display ("Please place device on monitor") at the end of the calibration process and before starting the validation
- bugfix: fixed some ColorComp issues for different NEC models
- bugfix: fixed Error 7 problems (IndexError) with NEC SpectraView Reference 322UHD
- bugfix: updated the QuatoDevice plugin due to possible version incompatibilities


Version 5.6.0 build 71.84
- NEW: full hardware calibration support for all NEC displays


Version 5.5.0 build 67.80
- bugfix: full hardware calibration support for the NEC SpectraView Reference 322UHD and NEC MultiSync PA322UHD)
- NEW: added hardware calibration support for: NEC MultiSync P403, NEC MultiSync P463, NEC MultiSync P553, NEC MultiSync P703, NEC MultiSync P801
- NEW: added hardware calibration support for the SpectraView Profiler PD displays
- bugfix: fixed unstable hardware calibration for NEC SpectraView Reference 322UHD and NEC MultiSync PA322UHD
- bugfix: fixed a bug in ColorComp setup which could lead to wrong display of the ColorComp state in software GUI with some NEC monitors
- bugfix: fixed hardware communication support for Eizo monitors in multi-monitor environments


Version 5.4.1 build 63.76
- NEW: added hardware calibration support for NEC SpectraView Reference 322UHD and NEC MultiSync PA322UHD


Version 5.4.0 build 54.62
- NEW: added hardware calibration support for NEC MultiSync displays (80 series, 90 series, PA series)
- bugfix: VideoLUT editing under MAC OS X 10.9 and higher works now again


Version 5.3.2 build 52.59
- NEW basICColor DISCUS driver v2.10.00 under Windows (compatible with XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1)
- bugfix: full hardware calibration support for the NEC MultiSync EA244UHD


Version 5.3.1 build 52.59
- NEW: added hardware calibration support for the NEC MultiSync EA244UHD
- NEW measurement devices: NEC MDSV Sensor 3
- NEW basICColor DISCUS driver v1.2 tested under OS X 10.9 Mavericks
- updated Eizo SDK to version 3.9.0/1.0.4
- bugfix: application crash fixed when saving a 3D LUT
- bugfix: color space emulation functional again
- bugfix: fixed hardware calibration support for Eizo CG277W
- corrected ambient values for FD-7
- licensing framework now supports proxy server configuration


Version 5.3.0 build 41.47
- improved hardware communication for SpectraView displays when using a USB cable (fixes also licensing problems)
- basICColor DISCUS driver has been updated for OS X 10.9
- added remote support via TeamViewer for customers with a maintenance agreement (Help ¬ Support...)
- bugfix: wrong correction matrix have been used for basICColor DISCUS
- bugfix: fixed a possible connection problem on single monitor systems
- emissive measurement values (Y and Ev) for Konica Minolta FD-7 have been optimized


Version 5.2.2 build 36.42
- improved connecting to SpectraView monitors under OS X 10.9
- improved white point and luminance for new SpectraView series (242, 272, 302); increased waiting times!
- bugfix: solved a problem with the ColorMunki plugin under OS X 10.9
- bugfix: solved a problem with cleaning up the ColorMunki SDK, which afterwards prevented connections to the device (Windows)
- bugfix: wrong automatic license emails fixed
- new correction menu logic for DISCUS in case of missing ---
- new 'NEC LCD Monitor Installer' under Windows


Version 5.2.1 build 31.41
- Minimum System Requirements MAC OS X: 10.6
- improved DDC/CI hardware communication
- improved ColorComp setting (ColorComp setting from the currently set PictureMode/PicturePreset combination is read and used for the hardware calibration)
- fixed bug in Delta E 2000 computation


Version 5.2.0 build 26.40
- NEW measurement devices: basICColor SQUID 2 WG and NEC MDSVSENSOR 2
- no longer support for Macintosh PowerPC-based computers
- hardware calibration of Eizo monitors improved (detection of input sources; changed the monitor detection method)
- improved detection if more than one EIZO is connected
- improved logging
- latest basICColor Framework with Dongle/DISCUS TAN licensing
- synchronizing of the validation result between basICColor display and basICColor RemindeMe
- updated DDCDevice plugin; linked with DDC driver version 4.0.3; fixes a major connection problem, device was not closed correctly
- font size has been reduced if text is cropped (eg. russian)
- bugfix: selecting an ICC monitor profile which only contains VideoLUTs does not change the hardware of NEC monitors
- bugfix: message dialog could be shown outside of the visible monitor area
- bugfix: fixed USB support for NEC device plugin under Windows (use SetUSBDeviceList)
- bugfix: double .png extension when saving validation report removed
- bugfix: Ambient light measurement - measuring commences after closing window
- bugfix: wrong stationID fixed
- bugfix: status.xml not found when starting at first
- bugfix: Color Space Approval with error -19
- bugfix: starting basICColor display with an external dcj file works again
- bugfix: edited ICC profile name won't be reseted when closing the 'Advanced Settings'
- bugfix: using the basICColor DISCUS for JUST Normlicht calibration resulted in correct numbers but red traffic light


Version 5.1.3 build 455
- major fix: providing more stability/reliability in the initializing phase: e.g. StartDialog and HW detection
- bugfix: 'Combined hard- and software calibration' is not greyed out anymore when selected
- removed the GenericMonitor libraries ('GenericMonitorDevice.dll' and 'GenericMonitor.dll')
- fixed decryption of encrypted 'Info' tag


Version 5.1.2 build 431
- fixed the i1display Pro aka SQUID 3 correction selection (monitor type)
- fixed license issue with demo licenses not working for month aug and sep
- fixed a problem with Spyder3/4 devices on MacOS; application could hang after quiting a measurement


Version 5.1.1 build 420
- NEW basICColor RemindMe application
- NEW licensing system
- NEW "Automatic check for updates" checkbox in update dialog
- NEW Eizo SDK to support the new hardware calibratable monitors: CG246, CG276
- NEW support color gamut emulation via 3D LUTs on Eizo monitors
- ADDED chinese language
- ADDED X-Rite i1Pro2 instrument
- UPDATE Minimum System Requirements OS X: 10.5.6
- fixed a bug that caused basICColor display to hang after calibration with Spyder 4
- bugfix: correct display of RGB / luminance sliders
- fixed a correction selection bug when using the Spyder 4 device
- slightly increased the integration time for Spyder 4 measurements to better values (for dark measurements)
- disabled the setting of ColorComp when starting the calibration (fixes deactivation of ColorComp)
- dialog with the storage location of the validation report won't be shown anymore
- cosmetic GUI changes
- ambient light calibration can be stored on arbitrary location in basICColor DISCUS
- new FD-7 Plugin
- correct focus handling in measurement device selection
- updated the copyright tag in style.xml because if the © is in this tag then the ColorSync Utility reports an error: "Tag 'cprt': Text contains invalid characters." So it is changed to "(c)".
- support for DDC/CI on newer ATI Catalyst v12 drivers on Windows
- bugfix validating custom black / white luminance and native white point
- the native whitepoint description will be saved in the 'Info'-tag
- correct values in logfile; prior to this the calibration values are stored and now the validation values
- correction matrix can now be pre-selected in dcj file using the <instrumentCorrNames>tag similar to the corresponding prefs entry. e.g. "basICColor DISCUS:1" selects the index 1 of the dropdown box (thus the second entry as numbering starts with 0)
- main menus (File / Edit / Help) also in startup window


Version 5.0.3 build 213
- added support for Datacolor Spyder4
- fixed xy white calculation
- solved crash due to an index error


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