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09.07.2013: July 2013

basICColor gHOST 2.5 – Professional Color Server With Added Functionality


basICColor, Penzberg, 09. 07. 2013 - basICColor GmbH, the software company that brings groundbreaking color management products to market, continues the success story of the professional color server basICColor gHOST. The brand-new SpotColor module converts spot colors in pdf documents to process colors utilizing the complete gamut available with the respective printing condition. The well known advantages of basICColor gHOST remain unchanged or have even been improved: Easy setup with „Smart Queues“, any number of parallel queues, color conversion using either ICC profiles or ICC DeviceLinks, dynamic creation of DeviceLInks at run-time (optional) and multi-color support (optional).

„We retain virtues even when we implement new features. Setup of the server is  still a walk-over with „Smart Queue“ technology which takes the user through the process – step by step“, says Karl Koch, CEO at basICColor. 


„The optional DynamicLink module creates required DeviceLinks, not present on the system, at runtime using embedded profiles. These DeviceLinks are being applied to separations of RRGB data as well as conversions from one printing condition to another. This two-tiered conversion in one and the same workflow guarantees for the highest quality of the final result, even with mixed color spaces in the original document“ Koch continues. 


The new SpotColor module is a must for everybody who needs to convert spot colors in pdf-documents in a safe and automated  way and in highest quality.  Many printing processes – especially digital printing – cannot handle spot colors. In offset printing the use of spot colors makes the job much more expensive. Up to now when converting spot colors based on the so called Alternate Color Space, the results were less than satisfactory. That´s why basICColor brought spoTTuner to the market years ago. This program allowed for optimizing the separations of spot colors to CMYK. 


Now you will receive the same quality fully automatically and in your PDF workflow with the SpotColor module in basICColor gHOST. You can install ny number of spot color libraries, e.g. for different customers or for different printing conditions. When calculation the CMYK values, the black channel can be increased so that only 2 other plates remain to be printed. This stabilizes the print process considerably. In any case you will get the best possible visual match because the algorithm uses the full gamut of the respective printing process.


You can take functions like sharpening of images, gradation changes, scaling and compression of images for smaller file size and individual color conversions for image and vector data for granted. For each configuration you can calculate the amount of ink saving. You achieve thehighest cost reduction while retaining image quality if you use DeviceLinks made with basICColor DeviL. 


The update of the basic module from version 2.0, which is the prerequisite for using the new optional modules, is free of charge. You can see the prices and further information on basICColor gHOST at  www.basICColor.de


If you should use a less powerful color server, we can offer you attractive cross-upgrades, please ask.


About basICColor: 

basICColor GmbH is one of the leading innovators of  trendsetting color technology and offers ICC-based color management solutions for the entire digital color workflow. Products and services from basICColor are made for the entire graphic arts industry, ranging from designers and photographers, prepress and print – be it analog or digital – to archiving and museums, but also for ambitious private users.

The basICColor portfolio comprises of products and solutions for profiling and calibrating digital cameras and scanners, monitors, proofing systems, printing presses, large format and fineart printing systems and digital production printing machines. basICColor also offers workflow products, hard- and software for quality control, as well as training and consultancy in all aspects of color managed production processes.

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