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08.05.2015: basICColor gHOST v2.5.3




Minimum System Requirements:
MAC OS X: 10.5 (Intel only)


Version 2.5.3


- Fixed ink saving calculation issue of not displaying the value if PDF file contains spot colors


Version 2.5.2


- The profile list for CMYK source profiles under image/vector shows device link profiles

- Fixed handling of clipping curves in ICC profiles

- Improved JPEG compression quality

- Fixed extra quotation marks when importing spot colors

- Fixed image sharpening bug in images with less then 8 bits per sample and uneven width

- Fixed "Error=62 (EI not found after inline data)" that happened in a case with inline FlateDecode data

- Fixed "Error= 10 (Unsupported Output Colorspace)" when data was converted into the document color space using a device link and then to the target using Device profiles or DynamicLink

- Up to 1024 bytes of extra data are now tolerated in a PDF behind the %%EOF marker

- Fixed preserving of spot colors when the output is not CMYK

- Fixed the bug that sometimes gradation curves were not applied on spot color "All"

- Fixed conversion of shadings which are defined as direct objects and used multiple times

- Illegal embedded profiles in image files, eg. device link profiles, are now ignored and the job is not moved into the error folder.

- Corrupted embedded profiles are now ignored and do not lead to an error message any more.

- Gradations curves can be applied to spot color ALL by adding it manually in the gradation tab of the configuration.

- Profile assignments from the DynamicLink Setup are now applied to conversions from Document to Target color space, too.

- Conversion of multicolor data works again if a corresponding color conversion is set up in the Document color space tab and no conversion is defined in the Image and Vector tabs.

- Fixed handling of TIFF files with unnamed extra channels

- Fixed performance issues in spot color conversion

- Fixed the problem that tone values (< 100%) of spot colors were sometimes converted too bright

- Fixed spot color conversion for the case that color conversion was disabled for process colors

- Fixed the bug introduced in an earlier version that when a configuration import installed ICC profiles which were not installed in the system before, the imported configuration couldn't be copied, and an additional configuration with empty name appeared in the list.


Version 2.5.1


- OSX: Removed PowerPC support

- basICColor DeviL Demo Profiles are now found automatically

- The optional downscaling of images (under Configurations/Options/Image quality) with large scaling factors has been improved. There are no artefacts showing up in this cases any more.

- The stability has been improved in case of high traffic with lots of files and simultaneous access to different configurations

- Extended handling of pixel file formats for conversions to multicolor

- Fixed an error in handling PDF files with inline CCITT Fax encoded data

- The error message Error 62 appearing on non-compliant PDF/X files that doesn’t contain an OutputConditionIdentifier has been fixed. Such files will nonetheless be color converted now.

- A bug has been fixed when using the Export and Import Configurations dialog (found in the Tools menu).

- Fixed the bug that spot colors have not been converted in cases that color conversion was disabled for process colors. Note: You can now convert spot colors to the target color space even if the No conversion setting is selected for the Document Color Space or for the Image or Vector colors.

- Fixed a bug leading to multiple calculations of spot colors which slowed down the conversion of files with spot colors.

- Fixed the bug that tone values (< 100%) of spot colors were sometimes converted too light when converting to process colors.

- Fixed the bug that in rare cases a PDF with spot colors contained a missing color space resource after processing.


Version 2.5.0


- New Spot Color modul

- New Priority options for queues

- New licensing system

- New "Check for update" entry in Help menu

- Support of Simplified Chinese language and Polish localization

- Support external XML file format to apply more than 16 channels for gradation corrections

- Extended gradation functionality to apply C, M, Y or K curve from color conversion to spot color gradations

- Improved spot color calculation method "Use as few channels as possible"

- Fixed CLI to process spot colors with external applications like Enfocus Switch

- Fixed spot color naming recognition of names with trailing space

- Fixed some sharpening presets so that only the preselected color spaces are sharpened

- Fixed sharpening of PDF files with many images

- Hiding some internal profiles from the profile chooser lists

- Fixed opening of hot folders for folder names with special characters

- The spot color conversion respects the TAC of the target profile now

- Calculation of ink saving info based on CMYK only

- Fixed problems which happened after moving or deleting a spot color from a library, for example double clicking the last color in the list, an "index error" was raised

- Fixed the bug that after moving a spot color to another lib, that lib was not saved automatically and the moved spot color could get lost

- Support for RGB profiles for spot color conversion and fixed the spot color mixing in RGB

- Unused color spaces are removed from soft mask objects

- When embedding an profile into TIFF, the resource with ID 1039 is removed from the Photoshop image resource block

- Spot color names no longer get lost in CMYK+x PSD files

- Support of Photoshop image resource 1077

- Improved error message when a non PDF file is processed and a spot color is set to conversion by alternate color space

- Removed memory leaks

- Alternate color space is not changed from CMYK to Lab in certain cases unless necessary

- Separation color space is not changed to DeviceN unless necessary

- Fixed gradation option, start from linear

- Fixed preserve overprint handling option in case source and target profile are identical

- unused shadings are removed

- Fixed handling of JPXDecode images with Indexed color space

- Fixed handling of CCITTFax encoded ICCBased Gray images

- Improved removal of unused spot colors

- No longer possible to rename a queue to a name which is already used in another queue

- Fixed the (rare) bug that memory was not released when a system exception occured during PDF processing

- decode DEMO profile with low quality when embedding as OutputIntent

- BX and EX operators are no longer removed from PDF page streams

- Fixed the bug that in Normalization queues, the rendering intent used for DeviceCMYK was the one in the Image/Vector tab

- Fixed the bug that imported profiles were displayed twice in the copyright warning message

- Fixed DeviceN Black with ICC based alternate color space

- Alert in DynamicLink setup when the same profile combination appears twice with different DL profiles

- Double click on an entry no longer opens the "Edit profile assignment" dialog

- It is no longer possible to create a queue when a queue with the same name, but deviating capitalization already exists

- When 2 queues use the same hot folder, the 2nd no longer tries to process the same file again

- Fixed the bug that DeviceN which contains of the 4 CMYK channels in permutated order was treated like CMYK

- Popup menu entry "Open Folder" no longer appears after right click on "Drag & Drop" queue

- Localized rendering intent names on SmartLink setup page

- Fixed "Error=62 (Filter not available: JBIG2Decode)"

- Fixed the bug that a Normalize queue created with SmartQueue has empty gradation curve entries for C, M and Y

- Fixed: Profile name is not set as default in the information section of the PDF tab

- Fixed: Gradation Auto Setup start from linear

- Fixed the bug that when a queue was imported and the folders couldn't be created, a queue with empty settings was created.


Version 2.0.2


- unused shadings are removed

- Fixed handling of JPXDecode images with Indexed color space

- Fixed handling of CCITTFax encoded ICCBased Gray images

- Improved removal of unused spot colors

- No longer possible to rename a queue to a name which is already used in another queue

- Fixed the (rare) bug that memory was not released when a system exception occured during PDF processing


Version 2.0.1


- Fixed processing of GRAY PSD files

- Fixed the bug that an inverted strip appeared at the top of processed GRAY TIFF files

- Reduced memory usage during sharpening of PDF files with many and/or bigger images

- Support of PDF files bigger than 2 GB

- new CLI option: "-p path" sets path to configuration file

- Fixed an error that appeared with multicolor pixel files in combination with gradation changes


Version 2.0.0


New functions:

- Extended DynamicLink functionality to support fully automatic device link conversions from the document to the target color space

- Optimized Smart Queue Wizard allows to select DynamicLink in the configuration to be build

- New option for independent DynamicLink assignments for images and vector

- News "Delete All" button in DynamicLink Setup

- Sharpening of images, including images in PDF files using unsharp mask functionality

- Downsampling of images

- Change of image and PDF compression methods in the converted PDF files

- Conversion of pixel file formats in different formats (e.g. JPEG to TIFF or PSD)

- Smart Queue: It is now possible to create a configuration without hot folders

- Comprehensive Save Ink report in different formats

- The export configuration dialog now displays also configurations which are not associated with a queue

- GUI changes: the Options tab has been revampted and all PDF related features have been moved to the PDF tab

- New Enfocus Switch configurator to allow for saving the job information per job

- New comprehensive manual explaining all features. Open the PDF via the help menu.


Version 2.0.0 beta 8


- Fixed the bug that embedded profiles in CMYK TIFFs with alpha channels were not recognized

- Fixed handling of CMYK TIFF with alpha channels. In case of a non multicolor target profile the converted file will still be TIFF with alpha channels.

- Fixed conversion of CMYK TIFF with alpha channels. CMYK parts will be converted again

- Optimized handling of overprinting mode for DeviceN colors. In case the option preserve overprinting effects is enabled the OPM mode will be retained more strictly.

- Optimized preserve overprinting effects. Channels without color will be deleted instead of labeling to none.

- DynamicLink Setup now allows to show gray source and target profiles

- Fixed displaying of gray target profiles if a CMYK-2-Gray DeviceLink profile is loaed in the DynamicLink Setup

- Fixed rendering intents in DynamicLink Setup dialog

- Fixed error message and not showing up dialog if screen preview has been selected

- Fixed conversion of shadings in combination with separation colors in DeviceN



Version 2.0.0 beta 7


- GUI optimization: DynamicLink checkbox in the Images and Vector tabs has been moved below the conversion option to decrease the windows size

- Improved support of high quality color conversion of Type 6 and 7 shades in PDF

- Fixed handling of 16 bit PSD file formats

- Fixed error when creating an Smart Queue queue with special characters in the name

- Fixed the bug that the rendering intent in DynamicLink profile assignments had been changed to "All" after each program start

- Fixed the bug in the gradation tab that the entry "All spot colors" disappeared after importing a gradations file

- Fixed the bug that importing of multicolor configurations did not work under Mac OSX Lion (10.7)

- Fixed the job information for pixel files. The target profile is listed now when embedded in the converted file

- Fixed handling of PDFs with object streams having an indirect object as length parameter

- Fixed conversion of spot colors with Lab alternate color space in case Lab conversion was disabled in the Image and Vector tabs

- Fixed an error which prevented gHOST from converting special transparency reduced PDF files with vector shadings

- Fixed save ink calculation for 16 bit images

- Fixed usage of selected RGB-2-CMYK DeviceLinks in the Image/Vector tab

- Fixed gray conversion if DynamicLink is not used

- Fixed conversion to multicolor with 16 Bit images

- Fixed the bug that embedding of standard profiles leads to a different MD5 hash value

- Changed behaviour of conversion to gray: objects are only saved with indexed colors if the original object has indexed colors, too

- Fixed unwanted change of TIFF image resolution to 72ppi for non Photoshop TIFF images



Version 2.0.0 beta 6


- Fixed saving of gradation ICC profiles under MacOSX Lion (10.7)

- Fixed naming issues with hotfolders with special characters under Mac

- Fixed seldom crashes under Mac with displaying of expire date

- Fixed very rare issues with SaveInk queues not processing files under Mac


Version 2.0.0 beta 5


- Added 5th option for gradations only workflow in Smart Queue Wizard

- Automatic gradation curve update with external file

- Import of gradation curves added from external files

- Improved export and import of configurations

- Automatic restarting of queues on hold if missing hot folders get available again

- Default Lab profile selected in configuration again

- DynamicLink and Gradations are disabled again if license is missing

- Ready only gradation curves can be duplicated to edit them



Version 2.0.0 beta 4


- Fixed the bug that during Smart Queue, PDF/X information was not taken over from the device link profile

- Fixed processing of images with color key masking

- Calulation of ink save amount works again with Unicode file names

- Minor changes

- Added new Demo CMYK-to-CMYK conversion profiles

- Exchange of and adding of Demo SaveInk profiles

- Improved stability of the save ink amount calculation

- Fixed occasional "Invalid File Description" error in screen preview of Lab data

- Adjustable JPEG compression quality



Version 2.0.0 beta 3


- Settings and job information are continuously saved which retains the data even if the color server has an unexpected quit

- Solved memory leaks that led to an increasing amount of memory over time

- Fixed a problem with DynamicLink with certain embedded profiles having a description tag of type "desc"

- Displays warnings for incomplete DynamicLink or Gradation settings

- Checks for write protected or not available hot folders and provides error messages

- Fixed application handling custom vector setting for RGB and Gray

- Fixed an issue with hot folders not working on different volumes

- Fixed the problem under Windows, that calculation of ink save amounts and screen preview didn't work for PDF files with Unicode names



Version 2.0.0 beta 2


- Drag&Drop on a hot folder queue uses post processing settings of that queue

- When post processing a file with a non default application, gHOST no longer blocks until that application is terminated.

- Fixed the bug that gradations and DynamicLink were not applied correctly in the CLI module (eg Switch)

- Fixed the bug that vector graphic was converted like images though vector graphic conversion was switched off in the GUI

- Photoshop PSD file support incl. 8 bit, 16 bit support and keeping clipping paths and XMP information

Note: layers will be deleted

- TIFF and JPEG files are saved as PSD in case of multicolor output

- Added a new fixed entry All Spot Colors to apply the same gradation curve on all spot colors

- Spot color names are recognized regardless of upper and lower case writing

- Fix for multiple DynamicLink profiles in the DynamicLink Setup for MacOS

- Fix of TIFF, JPEG handling without multicolor license

- Corrected calculation of ink saving for documents with more than one page

- Configuration export handles Lab profiles correctly

- New Help menu item "Save support data"

- Gradations can now be applied without color management

- Change of profile policy: if no target profile is linked in a DeviceLink no target profile will be embedded

- Demo license includes CLI option

- Fixed conversion error in shadings with spot colors

- Fixed the bug that after importing a configuration the changes were sometimes not displayed immediately in the GUI

- Minor bug fixes



Version 2.0.0 beta 1


- DynamicLink module added

- Gradation module added

- CLI module added

- Export/Import of configurations

- Support of PDF/X-4

- Support of PDF/X-5n

- Document color space with support for CMYK, RGB, Gray and Multicolor

- Image and Vector handling optimized

- Preserve overprint features

- Preserve transparency effects features

- Calculation of InkSavings

- 16 Bit TIFF support

- Queues with optional Temp folder

- Drag&Drop optimized

- Design revamp

- Overview dialog with more information and sorting of jobs lists

- Smart Queue Wizard greatly enhanced

- Option to overwrite rendering intents in PDF files

- Feature for post processing of jobs

- Job information greatly enhanced

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