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29.02.2016: basICColor IMProve v3.1.1


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Minimum System Requirements:
MAC OS X: 10.6 (Intel only)


Version 3.1.1
- Fixed file saving options
- Fixed viewing of some CxF3 files
- Fixed CxF3 import for special 3rd party CxF3 file
- Improved performance for importing and processing of large CxF3 files without device data
- Fixed Index Errors in Custom Chart tool
- Fixed accidentally rotation of exported test charts
- Fixed accuracy of tone value corrections according to TVI targets with spectral data
- Fixed tone value corrections according to TVI targets with density settings in preferences
- Fixed redundancies tool with automatic option
- Fixed Edit Primaries with large amount of spot colors under Windows


Version 3.1.0
- Report overhaul: Extensively reworked sample colors section of the report & added report of gradations (Lab/LCh & densities where applicable)
- Added print standard evaluation for Multicolor reports
- Added linearity curves to report
- Added option to select DeltaE methods for report
- Optimized Report dialog
- Added simple reordering tools for charts: Added tools for mirroring, rotating & swapping rows with columns
- Allow to load full tone colors without DCS references in edit primaries tool: Pantone colors imported from CxF files can now be used in the Edit Primaries tool
- Added progress bar to Edit Primaries dialog
- Added information text regarding paper white changes in Edit Primaries dialog
- Added option to export test charts as PDF files
- Added option to always use the full chart width in Export Chart tool
- Link tool can now merge separate device & CIE data
- Added 'Clear entries' file menu item
- Added support for CGATS XML format
- Improved CxF support according to ISO 17972-1:2015
- Added support for spot colour characterisation data (CxF/X-4) according to ISO 17972-4:2015
- The OK button in each tool is preselected now so that a tool can be applied with the return key
- Added different calculation methods for White Correction tool
- Added support for Abstract profiles in ICC Transformation tool
- Fixed CIE Conversion tool
- Fixed creation of one patch with Custom Chart
- Fixed smoothing of linearity/TVI in highlights in Rescale tool
- Fixed progress bar for Report generation
- Fixed rendering intents in ICC Transformation tool
- Better handling of unsupported files


Version 3.0.2
- Windows: Fixed error/crash when choosing third TVI Correction option
- Fix for loading emmissive data from cxf files with the CIE Conversion tool


Version 3.0.1
- Fixed problem with certain formatted IT8 files and files with small syntax errors
- Fixed crash during export of multi page Multicolor charts in Export Chart
- Reduced the chart width to 265 mm in the Export Chart tool to be better usable for the i1 ruler
- Optimized chart export with gaps for non CMYK charts from the Export Chart tool
- Fixed memory leaks
- Fixed issues in case no system profile is set at the OS level


Version 3.0
- New user interface design
- New tool Custom Chart to generate customized color charts for profiling
- New tool Export Chart to export color charts as TIFF or PSD
- New tool CIE Conversion to convert measurement data to a different viewing condition
- New tool Edit Primaries to change primaries and recalculate measurement data
- New features in preferences
- New color filter options in the View dialog
- New report generation option to save as PDF or XML file
- Multicolor & CGATS: Changed naming of channels (still CGATS conform) to be more compatible when exporting for 3rd party tools
- Improved smoothing for RGB data sets
- Improved smoothing with protects lights option enabled
- Improved quality of correction and smoothing


Version 2.1
- New Tone Value tool with lots of new features for manual editing of TVI curves.
- TVI correction according to G7 does not modify multicolor channels anymore.
- TVI correction supports multicolor profiles.
- Improved G7 TVI calculation.
- Filtering of profiles in ICC transformation tool.
- New feature Fit to width under View/2D und Color Comparison.
- Added a feature to automatically scale the view of the TVI curves to visually fit better in the View dialog.
- Report: Added possibilities to load a custom logo and to enter a custom report title.
- Fixed density calculations and related errors (div zero) due to zero reflection spectral data of white measurements.
- Fixed density calculation for density based on maximum peak.
- Fixed minor scaling problem when saving data as Named ICC profiles.
- Added support for basICColor demo and licensed profiles.
- Compare dialog: Fixed frames around patches when using Display Differences option.
- Compare dialog: Only color spaces compatible to each other, as well as strips/charts of the same size are now comparable.
- Compare dialog: Fixed floating point accuracy which prevented showing certain measurement data
- Compare dialog: Fixed editing of the evaluation values in the statistic tab. Editing is not possible any more.
- White Point Editing: minor changes due to new calculation method to apply changes.
- Quality improvements: Improved preserving of spectral characteristic.
- Report: Allow to select an RGB profile to compare against measurement data in the Report feature.
- Report: Add file name in footer of PDF report
- Fixed: Report can't be generated - IndexError
- Fixed: Channel naming for multicolor is consistent in the View dialog and the PDF Report now
- Fixed: Argument error if report folder is missing. A folder is now created, if it doesn't exist.
- Fixed: Report layout issues with very large test charts.
- View dialog: TVI curves are shown for curves that have complete data and curves with incomplete data are not shown.
- The Save dialog now remembers the format chosen on a previous save process. The dialog automatically attaches the file extension accordingly.
- Start menu under Windows 7 shows the IMProve application logo again.
- IMProve 2.1 creates no IMProve2 folder under user/documents any more and uses the IMProve folder for custom measurement data and wedges instead.
- Fixed: Starting IMProve on a Mac by dragging files on the icon in the Dock.
- Removed Black Correction tool.
- OSX: Removed PowerPC support.


Version 2.0
- Improved correction
- Importing measurement data from an ICC Profile: If it contains original, not processed data ('trg2' tag), it will be used instead of the modified data for profiling.
- Added option in the View to show CMYK-Density values instead of Lab for spectral data.
- Added preferences dialog to choose from four density status to be displayed
- Added Export as density option in the File menu. Option is only available for spectral data.
- Added Export as Lab option in the File menu. Option is only available for spectral data.
- Added Composite Gray TVI curves for CMY data
- Smoothing: Added option to protect light area (0-50%) from modifications.
- Added Tool to duplicate data sets (Menu/File/Duplicate)
- Improved upscaling of spectral data with the Rescale tool when overprints are missing.
- TVI curves are shown with removed redundancies: This avoids confusing curves if the patches (including white!) vary significantly.
- Single color editing preserves spectral data. The edit window shows up, when the spectral information window is already open.
- All tools preserve spectral data, this includes pure colorimetric tools like White correction, too!
- Rescale tool selects only those chart that fit a selected color space
- Replaced multicolor reference files with the newest basICColor multicolor testcharts
- Concatenation tool renamed to Merge
- PDF report contains solid densities and TVI data in a table form, too
- Supports loading and saving of CxF3 files


Version 1.2
- Displays color patch name, if available
- Spectral window stays open and updates curves when changing data sets
- Improvement of brightener detection and correction for spectral data
- Rescale Tool: Improved calculation of black overprints if they are missing in the testchart
- New options for Correction tool (measurement correction, optimize overprints)
- Loading and saving of "Named ICC Profiles"
- Support for spectral data files with 5nm samples
- ICC-Conversion supports conversion to device color spaces (when using a devicelink profile only)
- Fixed issues displaying files with long file names
- Editing of single Lab values via double clicking of a patch in the 2D view


Version 1.1
- New Tool to change (paper) white
- New option to show redundant patches in the 2D-view
- Auto rotation for 3D view after dragging. Single click or after one minute the rotation stops.
- Live update of the spectral window while mouse button is pressed
- Improved reading and writing of data files
- Loading spectral remission data scaled in % (instead of 0..1).
- Added buttons for easier access to the online help pages
- Added View for Linearity Curves
- Brightener correction: also works for data sets without device data
- Brightener correction: preserves spectral data, minor changes
- Bug fixes


Version 1.0
- Creating a PDF report for a measurement file
- Automatically correcting and smoothing measurement files
- Removing of redundancies
- Correction to measurement and/or printing errors
- Smoothing of measurement data
- Viewing and analyzing measurement data
- Comparing of measurement files
- Intelligent averaging of measurement data
- Concatenation of measured test charts
- Rescaling test charts up and down
- Synthetic verification of profiles
- Correction of optical brighteners
- Tone value corrections according to G7, predefined dot gain values or from profile
- Black correction for optimizing measurement data
- Support for RGB, CMYK and Multicolor printing processes and measurement data.

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