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20.06.2018: basICColor input v5.3.1




Minimum System Requirements:
MAC OS X: 10.7


Sample Files for RAW and ICC profile creation together with test shots can be found here.


Version 5.3.1 build 2718
- NEW: TIFF images with JPEG compression can now successfully be loaded
- NEW: added new target ISO 12641-2.reflective Lasersoft-Layout
- NEW: added new target ISO 12641-2.35mm Lasersoft-Layout (3 parts)
- bugfix: DCPs created from CameraRaw images came of monochrome, sometimes - fixed
- update statistics when patch grid has been changed manually
- for synthetic chart image (i.e. from ICC oder TXT) set known fixed mask position
- depending on PickerValues "RawWB" / "Raw": show raw zoomed image in PixelFloater
- updated manuals DE/EN


Version 5.3.0 build 2691
- NEW: added grayscale DCP profiling for Raw color targets
- NEW: added grayscale C1 ICC profiling for Raw color targets
- NEW: added grayscale ICC profiling for TIFF/JPEG color targets
- NEW: added grayscale ICC profiling for TIFF/JPEG monochrome targets
- NEW: MacOS version 64bit
- NEW: added Preferences for color values under magnifier


Version 5.2.2 build 2554
- Added dcam SD Chart and supplied Jobs:
• dcam SD C1 Linear Response.xml
• dcam SD Photo.xml
• dcam SD Repro.xml
- Improved handling of dcam mini und dcam SD targets
- NEW: multiple shots of the same target; possibility to add multiple images of a target to create a profile (averaging)
- NEW: Profile Type: Grayscale; ICC profile will be calculated (eg. scanner) and then the a* and b* value of the A2B0 table is set to "0"
- Manuals (DE / EN) updated
- Version of the ICC specification in the header of the ICC Profile upgraded from 4.0.0 to 4.3.0
- Copyright 2018


Version 5.2.1 build 2484
- Bugfix: Report-PDF now opens automatically(INP-14)
- Bugfix: write full Report-PDF even for long reports (i.e. lots of patches)


Version 5.2.0 build 2434
- Correct problems with some CaptureOne image files
- For DeltaE-statistics use rendering intent relative colorimetric for embedded profile and absolute colorimetric for newly generated profile
- Improved target recognition: It is now possible to adjust the mask to a distorted target
- Corrected high DeltaE values when inspecting non-D50 profiles
- Camera name of EOS-5D Mark IV corrected for Capture One
- ICC profile info: imageInfo and jobData are in private tags now; exact version number (e.g. v 5.1.2 build 2377) in copyright tag
- DCP profile info: target and reference data in ‘targ’ tag and imageInfo and jobData are in private tags now
- Improved calculation of the Art Repro profile, especially in the dark areas
- Corrected translation's source text "proofing" to "profiling" on Intro title page


Version 5.1.2 build 2377mac / 2378win
- NEW target: basICColor dcam mini target
- NEW target: CMP Digital Target 8
- added new reference files for basICColor scan and basICColor rescan targets
- if auto rotate should fail then open image unrotated
- force gray axis to be neutral when creating a scanner profile
- don't maintain white hue when making scanner profiles
- show alert when trying to save a new job with color temperature D65/StdA and non-spectral reference [INP-9]
- improved support for Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
- do not show illuminant and observer if the referenence is not spectral [INP-7]
- for multi target job allow primaries from the first target, only [INP-8]
- bugfix: corrected DCP profile name for Hasselblad
- bugfix: changing reference file was deselecting the target [INP-6]


Version 5.1.1 build 2336
- NEW: added mechanism for dongle -3 recognition
- NEW: support Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
- corrected QA Slider value at minimum/maximum position
- corrected default neutral Delta-E threshold
- corrected changing the reference file for a multispectral Job (D65+Std.A)
- for multispectral job show alert when reference is not spectral
- remove characters not supported by Windows from the profile's file name
- smoother FilmCurve for Capture One images
- Capture One profiles are now in Lab ICC version 2
- revised manuals DE/EN


Version 5.1.0 build 2279
- NEW: ICC Profiles for Capture One (Linear Response) from Raw Data
- NEW: DCP and ICC Profiles from CGATS text file created by RawDigger
- NEW: instead of an image also the basICColor ICC Profiles can be used for profiling (targ tag is extracted)
- NEW: Display the dE when our ICC Profile is opened
- NEW: Display the dE when a TIFF is opened with embedded ICC Profile
- NEW: Black Control Display in ColorChecker SG
- NEW: input 5 determines automatically what the correct rotation of the target is
- several bugfixes


Version 5.0.4 build 1729
- NEW target: IT8.7/2 AGFA Chart
- NEW target: CMP Refcard Color Master
- added uniqueCameraModel, we extract that from DNGs and pass it to the dcp profile creation routine. This will make sure that the dcp profile shows up in ACR
- handle uniqueCameraModel in CopyConstructor of class Image
- handling Capture One names for Sony NEX & Alpha models plus Leica M
- different encoding with ICC version 2 Lab CLUTs for Capture One
- change of neutralization patches
- fixed licensing issue under Windows; sometimes permanent licenses won't be read from USB dongle
- fixed automatic reference file rotation
- bugfix: the names for Canon and Sony cameras will now always show up under the camera tab in Capture One.
- NOTE 1: We have the problem that especially with Hasselblad cameras there are combinations of camera backs and sensors that we do not have information about. That could lead to the dcp camera profile not showing up in Adobe Camera Raw because we put the wrong identification string in there. We are now extracting the UniqueCameraModel string from any DNG that is loaded, so if a user has this problem he can convert his Raw file to a DNG using Adobe’s DNG converter and create a profile from that. His profile will then also show up when he loads the Raw file in ACR directly.
- NOTE 2: We improved the profiles made for Capture One, the RGB neutralization gets done based on either the whitest patch or an average of white light control patches (ColorChecker SG). We encode the 3D Lut differently for better highlight performance.


Version 5.0.3 build 1708
- NEW target: basICColor rescan
- NEW reference file for: „ColorChecker Digital SG“ because the L* value has been to low
- NEW reference files for: „SpyderCheckr spectral“ and „SpyderCheckr colorimetric“ because the L* value has been to low; in addition „SpyderCheckr spectral“ had a major error in field B5 (L* = 0.1 -> wrong)
- NEW reference files for: „SpyderCheckr 24 spectral“ because the L* value has been to low and „SpyderCheckr 24 colorimetric“ added
- NEW reference file for: „dcam target+“ -> dcam target matt 0189 avg.CIE
- added string corrections for: CanonEOS, CanonPowerShot
- added routines that allow to specify a 10nm conversion
- added French language; following languages are supported: German / English / French
- added ProStarRGB Profile
- in english the naming "Jobs" has been replaced by "Presets"; changed within the application and the manual!
- allow reference file paths on separate volumes
- activated for patch grid the save to and load from (temporary) file functionality
- bugfix: reset reference order
- bugfix: save parameters sets on new job
- bugfix: added some fixes for IT8 and ColorChecker Passport
- bugfix: in ISO12642 parser we are ignoring illegal keywords now
- bugfix: error message if reference data or target data could not be parsed, filtering double quotes (e.g. after exel export)
- bugfix: deleting ignored patches in the "Scanner" profile routine now
- general bugfixes


Version 5.0.2 build 1675
- bugfix: fixed double loading of images on OSX
- bugfix: fixing problem if special characters are in the path
- bugfix: fixed profile name input
- when neutralizing in C1 Photography mode, clamp to legal range
- added defaultRGBProfilePath


Version 5.0.1 build 1669
- bugfix: show ∆E-SignalColors even without MonitorProfile
- bugfix: do not reset orientation when going only one step back after profiling
- bugfix: densitometer displays the possibly matched (and not Raw) RGB values


Version 5.0.0 build 1656
- Profiling of Digital Cameras and Scanners
- Creation of ICC profiles (TIFF/JPEG) and DCP (RWA)
- Completely redesigned designed GUI (User Interface)
- Multi-Target Profiling
- 4 types of profiles: Art Repro / Archival; Photography; Capture One; Scanner
- Support for all common Scanner and Camera Targets
- Support for adding individual color targets
- Multi-Language Support: English / German


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