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11.10.2016: basICColor print v5.0.0




Minimum System Requirements:
MAC OS X: 10.9.5


Version 5.0.0 build 137.67 (Profiler 1.9.117, build 22692)
- NEW: "Automatic check for updates" checkbox in update dialog
- NEW: Integration of basICColor catch; direct measurement data transfer from basICColor catch to basICColor print
- NEW: Integrated profile optimization
- NEW: Various gamut mapping strategies: Standard, Blackpoint Compensation, Absolute Compression (NEW), Minimal Compression (NEW) or based on reference profile
- NEW: possibility to load custom illuminations
- UPDATE licensing system
- UPDATE Profiling Library to build 22692
- UPDATE manual german / english / japanese


Version 3.1.1 build 5969
- NEW: added "Default Rendering Intent" choice in preferences
- NEW: english manual added / update of the german manual
- NEW: new bcProfiler.dylib/dll (build 5969)
- added a backward compatibility case for BalanceCMY presets and profiles


Version 3.1.0
- NEW: Possibility to sort the „Profiling Presets“ in the GUI
- NEW: increased parameters for the „Gamut Mapping – perceptual Rendering Intent“
- improvement of the Gamut Mapping (Gamut Compression and Out-of-Gamut-Colors) for CMYK and RGB Profiling; following issues have been fixed:
- missing magenta after conversion to ISOnewspaper
- red tones drifted to orange after conversion to ISOcoated
- banding problems
- improvement of the Gamut Mapping for Grayscale Profiling
- Bugfix: selecting „ICC v4“ in the Preferences dialog will now create ICC v4 profiles
- fixed bad blackpoint
- fixed noisy gray balance in some cases
- fixed bad default profile size if Preferences were not opened before first profiling
- fixed crash when adding a new job to a running queue with the 'Create profile' button
- fixed some error messages
- added some missing tooltips
- fixed minor selection bugs at total ink & black definition and perceptual compression
- better display of long names in preset list
- fixed some critical utf8 path locations
- added warning message if icc save path does not exist
- added some more detailed error messages
- calc gray profiles from RGB/CMY data
- added: ability to change position of presets
- added: overwrite warning for existing profiles in the batch and destination dir
- added: source profile for gamut mapping
- fixed: loading measurement data from icc profiles with uppercase extension (.ICC)


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