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12.11.2012: basICColor Printer Profilers released

basICColor Printer Profilers Released in New Version

The "little" printer profilers – basICColor dropRGB for RGB printers and basICColor CMYKick for CMYK printers – habe been released in version 2.0

There are no easier to use products for printer profiling in the market – period! And none that would produce better profile quality at the same time.
Nevertheless basICColor managed to improve both products in respect of handling and quality.

The improved ease of use can be experienced when measuring profiling targets with the equally new basICColor catch 4, our color measure and QC application. The basic catch functionality comes with the profilers – for free! With a click on the <Profiling> icon basICColor catch submits the measurement data directly to the appropriate profiler – determined by the color space of the target.

Another new feature is the optimization of your measurement data. Check one box and basICColor dropRGB and CMYKick will correct and smooth your measurements and thus improve profile quality.

A very interesting but not so easy to comprehend function is "profile from profile". But once understood it is indispensable.
You can apply the outstanding basICColor gamut mapping to third party profiles or canned profies that came with your printer by just dragging and dropping the profile onto the basICColor dropRGB or CMYKick printer icon. The out-of-gamut colors of a source color space will be perfectly mapped into your printer color space using the perceptual rendering intent in a color conversion – no clipping, no unnecessary de-saturation.
Furthermore, dropRGB allows you to create table based profiles from matrix based profiles. Just drag and drop a working space profile like eciRGBv2, sRGB or the new dsRGB onto the program´s printer icon. With the ICC-profile created by dropRGB you will be able to convert images from a huge camera gamut to your working space using the perceptual rendering intent. Matrix based profiles work colorimetrically only!
basICColor dropRGB and basICColor CMYKick can be downloaded and tested for 14 days – no strings attached!

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