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06.09.2016: photokina 2016

Why don´t you see a 2,5m monitor?

basICColor, Penzberg, 06.09.2016 - In keeping with the motto „Taking Color to New Heights“ 3 companies which at first glance don't have a lot in common exhibit at photokina 2016 in hall 4.1 stand H042: a textile printer, a monitor manufacturer and a software company, specialized in color management.

The answer to this question is obvious when you enter the booth and seem to find yourself in the midst of a mountainous country. wallstyle.com took over the stand construction and they have printed a mountain panorama on fabric. Mounted on aluminum frames and backlit with LEDs it looks like a bright winter day in the mountains. In one corner of the stand the content suddenly starts to move – animated textile print? Of course not! It is a hardware-calibratable 98“ monitor by NEC, which is only distinguishable from its surrounding when the image starts to change and a video is being played. As long as a still of the panorama is being displayed the beholder will not detect a difference in color between the monitor and the textile print. This was made possible by basICColor, the third exhibitor in the booth. With their color management technology the RGB-monitor was calibrated perfectly so that the printed image - ICC-profiled by basICColor and printed by wallstyle.com (in CMYK, of course) – cannot be distinguished from the image on the monitor.

„Thus the booth becomes the exhibit and makes the abstract topic of color management visible and tangible.“ says Karl Koch, basICColor´s CEO. He had this crazy idea when skiing in these mountains. „After Mario Drechsler, another color management expert and participant on this skiing trip, climbed up to nearly 4.000 m and took this panorama shot freehand with a Leica S camera – not without profiling it on location with basICColor input first, I knew instantly and intuitively that this motif was destined to make it big.“ What would be a better place than this year´s photokina that opens its doors under the motto „IMAGING UNLIMITED – The unlimited world of imaging“? And unlimited is what the snowy mountains in this picture seem to be.

But how do you transform this limitless feeling into a trade fair booth? Here only one person comes to mind: Peter Zöller of wallstyle.com by CCS! The top address when it comes to furnishing trade show booths, retail shops and even living rooms with perfect prints on fabric. The special appealing look and feel of this technology is showcased by wallstyle.com´s invention of the LED backlit aluminum frame.

After the monitor manufacturer NEC offered to showcase together with basICColor, one aspect was clear: Backlit textile print together with large-sized displays will create a completely uncharted experience - if they are perfectly matched. Colormanagement is the linking element, the enabling technology. Due to these companies´ long history of working together, it wasn´t hard to convince all parties to combine forces for this adventure: The act of adapting two completely different technologies perfectly by using colormanagement is revolutionary – there is no color difference between the display and the fabric print.

Now only one question remains: From which mountaintop was this picture taken? Visit the basICColor, NEC and wallstyle.com booth at photokina, and with a little luck and the right answer you can win one of the valuable prizes awarded by the 3 exhibitors.

Please make an appointment – we are looking forward to seeing you @ photokina!

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