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"The sky is an absolute white"

In the fall of 2007, the Scheufelen Paper Company introduced a completely new type of paper: Heaven42. This unique substrate offered both an extremely matte surface, and a bright white reflectance. They were the first to introduce this combination to the market.

Our consultant immediately brought a Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 105 up to speed, printing virtually endless reams of Heaven42. How?

Roland Bethmann, director of technical support at Scheufelen had asked basICColor for start up support. None of the paper engineers could anticipate the real world printing results on the offset press. Support at Scheufelen drew upon the extensive knowledge and experience which basICColor has developed over the many years of press room consulting.

Two concerns were apparent:

  • Would an ICC profile be required?
  • How about printability?

It quickly became clear that the paper´s printability differs vastly from conventional coated papers. However, if you observed the paper's unique qualities, then outstanding effects were achievable, i.e. extreme contrast images with a gloss laquer finish over a matte paper background. Finally, success was achieved by setting up the press controls. The next question: Will a special ICC-profile be required?

With evaluative testing it was recognized: Heaven42 required an ICC profile. Depending on the printed color range, demonstrated color shifts occured with standard separation (ISOCoated) conversion. This necessitated a custom ICC profile for accurate separation.

A family of ICC profiles were produced to specifically manage the kinds of common screening methods (AM with 70 l / cm and FM with 20 microns). These are available, upon request, from Scheufelen. Additionally, a technical document describing the offset printing process setup is available to support the ICC profiles.

This supporting collateral helps users obtain optimum print results with Heaven42.

The return on investment is not just measured by the tons of paper sold, but also by reduction in the number and type of support requests.

Thus it is clear: Why basICColor?
Scheufelen's answer: Because it simply works!


"PSO is only part of the solution – but without PSO the results are (almost) worthless"

The Bechtle Print and Service company is a "half" of the Bechtle publishing corporation: While the Bechtle group produces local and national daily newspapers on two cold-set web presses, the commercial advertising print production is a major portion of the business volume. The company runs two 16-page heatset web presses and sheetfed offset press IIIB almost constantly - three shifts, six days a week.

basICColor GmbH was selected when a large Bechtle customer wanted proof of Process Standard Offset (PSO) compliance.

PSO is no longer considered "future technoloy". All current generation presses and supporting systems meet this requirement.

What is driving the PSO trend?
The daily production. Good quality management includes controlling the variables. PSO provides accurate data and absolute documentation of the quality levels maintained through an entire production run. This data is increasingly becoming part of conversations with discriminating end customers.

And last, but not least: optimization and quality control is granular, down to the production step, hardware or software, which might affect the overall quality of the printed piece. Issues can be minimized and eliminated./p>

The real value of PSO is found in high client satisfaction, and reduced waste expense.

Bechtle Print and Service recognizes the significant improvement. The group has been recognized by the Association of Print & Media and the Fogra, for achieving PSO / ISO 12647 status.

We therefore wish to congratulate you

Thus it is clear: Why basICColor?
Bechtle's answer: Because it simply works!
Bechtle - Publishing and Printing, Esslingen

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