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About basICColor

basICColor GmbH is a leading supplier of ICC based color management solutions for the digital workflow.

The products and services portfolio are suited for all companies and individuals who demand the highest color accuracy. We welcome photographers, photo labs, pre-press specialists, press operators and consultants to visit the basICColor online resources.


Software Products

basICColor offers calibration and profiling tools for all input and output devices – digital camers, scanners, monitors, proof printers, fine art printing, large format printers, digital production print systems and presses – softproofing applications, workflow tools for preflighting and processing images and pdf documents and QC applications for softproof, proof and print.
basICColor software


Measurement Instruments

In 2010 basICColor startet developing and manufacturing hardware as well. Since demands on quality of sopftproof systems are ever increasing the monitor instrument plays a key role. None of the affordable instruments in the market could live up to these high expectations. That is why basICColor decided to develop a lab-grade instrument at desktop price. After a very short development period of only 2 years basICColor managed to create an instrument that bears comparison with instruments much more expensive than the  basICColor DISCUS


Consulting, Training And Support

Form follows function. basICColor has developed products based on practical experience. That experience is derived from consultation for all branches of the graphic arts industry. We offer on-site training and color management workflow consulting. You may join us at our Penzberg and Cologne locations for classroom trainings.



All basICColor products and solutions are being designed and developed in Germany by experienced engineers (photo, printing, electrical), computer scientists and physicists.
The differentiating advantage which separates basICColor from the competition, is the continuous development of products which are derived from practical experience and rela life challenges. Both ISO (International Standards Organization) and ICC (International Color Consortium) requirements are painstakingly being met.


Contract Development

We will not keep our professional expertise for ourselves. We offer a wide range of development services for color and color management solutions to our customers. Our developers take on entire projects or assist with individual problems, be it on Mac OS X, Windows or mobile - contact us: Contract Development


Improved Investment Value, Thanks to basICColor

basICColor offers optimization for your entire investment, including: measurement devices, hardware calibratable displays, print systems, digital cameras and other color devices.

Contact Us

basICColor GmbH
Maistrasse 18
82377 Penzberg

Phone: +49-8856-932505
Fax: +49-8856-932503


Member of ICC

International Color Consortium



Member of FOGRA

Forschungsgesellschaft Druck e.V.



Founder member of [kju:em]

Forum for quality management in the graphic industry

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