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basICColor display 6 / display 6 Pro – Why a Bat?

Bats use "measurement technology" to navigate in complex 3-dimensional environments in darkness - echo sounder or sonar.

 The new basICColor display 6 takes this perfect principle of nature as a model to navigate in the 3-D color space with the appropriate measurement technology.

Bats have a complex neural compass that tracks their movements when they move skillfully through their environment.

The corresponding "compass" in basICColor display 6 is the new calibration and profiling engine that has been developed from scratch.

The elegant flight of the bats is reflected in the easy to use graphical interface, which still offers all the monitor and viewing light settings for the professional user.

NEW! basICColor input 6 / input 6 Pro – Why an Owl?

In order to be able to see at dusk or in almost complete darkness, the eyes of owls are perfectly designed to make maximum use of residual light.
The cylindrical optics of the large pupils and the cylindrical eyeball are strongly reminiscent of the design principle of fast telephoto lenses: Large lenses with wide open aperture allow a very high light yield, which is sharply focused on a small area.
This enables nocturnal owls to achieve twilight performance 3 to 10 times better than humans, enabling them to distinguish even the finest details in high resolution.
The new basICColor Input 6 has taken this perfect blueprint of nature as its model and added the unsurpassed color capabilities of our new profiling algorithms.The camera profiling software allows you to create specific camera profiles in high quality for each type of light and camera.
input 6 automatically distinguishes between raw data and TIFF or JPEG and creates a suitable DCP (for RAW) or ICC profile (for TIFF/JPEG) with perfect detail even in the shadows - like an owl.
The color-correct display of these files is thus guaranteed in all raw converters and image processing programs - for the first time, you get the same appearance of your images from different raw converters and the JPEG created simultaneously in the camera.The ultimate goal in camera profiling, the exact reproduction of colors, is therefore possible for every camera owner.

Our owl stands for perfect colour and best shadow detail under all light conditions.

basICColor cockpit - Why a Bird of Paradise?

In 2003 two scientists set out to find all species of birds of paradise and record them in sound and vision for posterity. Eight years and 18 expeditions later, they had reached their goal.
The creation of basICColor cockpit may not have been that exhausting and sweaty - but there are enough amazing parallels between the "most beautiful and extraordinary feathered inhabitants of the earth "*) and basICColor cockpit **) to make the bird of paradise our mascot.
Decorative feathers in hoods, throats and head and chest bands shimmer in all colours.Due to the special structure of the feather rays and the velvety surface of the plumage, the light is not reflected in parallel, but is refracted spectrally.
basICColor cockpit allows you to visualize images and the results of any color transformation immediately in the correct color, no matter what color space the original is in - be it camera raw, RGB, CMYK, MultiColor, L*a*b*, or even spectral.
If you take a closer look at a close relative of the bird of paradise - the bowerbird - you will see that each species prefers a certain colour and uses it to build and decorate its bowers. The silk bowerbird uses chewed plants and a feather to paint its burrow blue, brown-bellied bowerbirds love white, collect shells and pebbles and use them to decorate their burrow. But all these species love order and clean up their dance floor thoroughly.
basICColor cockpit creates collections, each of which can contain images of one color model. Color settings can be synchronized across the entire collection or handled individually.
Our bird of paradise stands for variety (of colour spaces), order (of your pictures) and color correctness - even in the spectrally shimmering plumage of the bird of paradise!



New versions online since December 14. 2023…

…with even more improvements, e.g. 

cockpit 2.2.3: batch processing for complete folders, raw support for new cameras

input 6.5.0 (Pro): FADGI*** and FADGI**** QC, optimized report format

display 6.6.4: DDC/CI support for Apple Silicon up to Sonoma

display 6.6.4 Pro: 3D LUTs (.cube) for external camera (field) monitors

EIZO Hardware calibration on Apple Silicon up to Sonoma

Please download the latest versions from the respective product pages! 

By clicking anywhere in this box you will find the instructions for the NEW licensing mechanism.

If you should have any questions, please send an email to support@basiccolor.de

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