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basICColor display 6

Monitor calibration re-defined!

High End Monitor Calibration and Profiling Software

The 6th generation of the leading application for monitor calibration and ICC-profiling has been drastically improved in ease of use and functionality. Pre-defined workflows can be used with a mouse-click right from the start. This covers for most situations for which a monitor calibration is needed. Parameters for special requirements can be configured with the built-in workflow editor. This makes basICColor display the easiest to use and most professional software of its class. 

Hardware Calibration

basICColor display 6 calibrates the internal monitor LUTs in suited monitors automatically. This guarantees for the highest precision in luminance, black point, color temperatureand gray balance. If the monitor allows for 3D LUT calibration basICColor display 6 uses ICC-profiles to emulate any gamut and thus allows for color correct viewing even with non-color-managed applications like digital video, web design and even medical viewers. 

Monitor Validation

After each calibration basICColor display 6 automatically validates the monitor. This helps avoid measurement erros (due to sleep mode or screen savers).

The new basICColor Control Panel lets you select the different profiles you had built and it will load the respective hardware LUTs without the necessity to launch the program. If required, basICColor display 6 can be started right from the Control PanelYou can set arbitrary times for reminding you of the necessity for validation or re-calibration. 

Viewing Light Calibration

basICColor display 6 checks ambient light and viewing booths for conformity with the relevant standards. Compatible viewing booths can be controlled automatically in order to achieve the same luminance as the calibrated monitor. Result: Softproof and hardcopy proof look identical!

EOL basICColor display 4 Announcement basICColor display 5 SpectraView Profiler

The pre-predecessor of basICColor display 6 is not supported any more. 

Due to the age of this software (> 15 years) we cannot provide any support for display 4.x any more.

Upgrades to basICColor display 6 are not possible. 


basICColor display 5 has now set the standard for monitor calibration and profiling for more than 10 years and was the first product on the market that also included ambient light and standard light devices in calibration and verification, setting new standards.
basICColor display 6 is completely new developed and continues this long tradition with a new, modern user interface and the latest technology. In order to run on MacOS Catalina, old cables had to be cut off, therefore display 6 is a pure 64bit application. This also means that old measuring devices and some old monitors can no longer be supported.
Upgrades from basICColor display 5 to display 6 are available at a reduced price until June 30, 2020. Support for display 5 will be discontinued on July 1, 2020. After that date no more upgrades are possible.



The good news:
Users with NEC SpectraView (and PA) monitors will not be left out in the rain. basICColor display 6 supports hardware calibration for these NEC monitors. Various calibration tables (LUTs) can be stored in the 5 (some monitors even 10) memory locations and can be switched over in no time with the display helper.
However, the upgrade offer for SpectraView Profiler to basICColor display 6 at a price of € 60,- plus VAT is only valid until June 30, 2020. 
So, get it now!



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