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basICColor input 6 Pro

Digital camera raw- and ICC profiling and editing in one application

basICColor input 6 Pro defines a new dimension of camera profiling. If you work in reproduction of cultural heritage, in archiving of valuable documents, pock shots, forensics or other areas which require perfect color reproduction, basICColor input 6 Pro is a must. Even creative photography will benefit from correct color "out-of-the-box"! Creative retouching becomes simpler and faster if you start from a common and color correct basis. Your desired "looks" can be embedded directly into your camera profiles with the built-in color and gray editing functions. This will save additional work in many cases.

The profile quality can be enhanced with shading the target shots using a clean white backing before shooting the target.

basICColor input 6 distinguishes automatically between raw and TIFF or JPEG and creates either DCPs for the Adobe Raw Workflow or ICC profiles for TIFF/JPEG. In any case your images will benefit with perfect detail in the shadows and colors true to life.

Pro Tip

A camera profile does not only characterize the camera sensor but also the lens. Different lenses – even by the same manufacturer – have (vastly) different spectral transmission charactristics and thus render different colors with the same camera.

It is therefore essential to make profiles for each camera/lens combination.


Added Value in input Pro

basICColor input 6 Pro gives you even more control over profile making for your camera. The automatic profile optimization can be switched off for special effects.

Shading when shooting your target eliminates uneven lighting and vignetting of your lenses.

Quality control according to Metamorfoze, FADGI***, FADGI**** and ISO standards and custom criteria allow for documentation of your work, especially in cultural heritage environments.

Profile Editing

Color editing and gray editing allows for fine tuning of your profiles to an extent never known before.

basICColor input 6 Pro optimizes saturated colors automatically, and also allows to edit colors and grayscales manually. All edits will be stored in the active camera profile immediately. Viewing the original shot in a color managed application while editing allows for visualy and numeric control of the editing process. 

You can use this for reproducing originals even more true to life, but also for creative retouching via camera profile. 


Sample files for your first steps into DCP- (for raw) or ICC-profiling (for TIFF) you can find here.

And here is a list of Supported Cameras for RAW profiling

NOTICE: Please contact  support@basiccolor.de for a demo license.

Functions Scope of delivery System Requirements Targets

Range of Functions

  • Creation of DCP and ICC profiles
  • Special mode for CaptureOne Profiles
  • Automatic detection of file format (Raw/Tiff/JPEG)
  • Automatic detection of the target position
  • Profiling of digital cameras and scanners
  • Optional profile optimization
  • Profile editing – grayscale and color
  • Shading for target shot – improved profile quality
  • Multi-target profiling (e.g. optimization of spot colors)
  • Supports all common scanner and camera targets, see Targets
  • Define and measure custom targets
  • (Re-)Measure reference data for targets 
  • supported instruments: i1Pro (all models), MYIRO-1

Scope of delivery

  • basICColor input 6 Pro – program for Mac or PC
  • Download from basICColor website
  • License file for activation of the software
  • Optional

- USB dongle for mobile use
- Maintenance contract for support and free upgrades
- basICColor scan Target
- basICColor rescan Target for profiling of printed originals
- Questions about targets, support for custom targets - please contact us!

Minimum System Requirements


  • Windows 7  64-Bit
  • Intel® Core processor
  • min. 512MB RAM, min. 200MB free hard disk space
  • Graphics card with min. 1280x1024 pixels and 24-bit color depth


  • Mac OS X 10.14
  • Intel® Core processor or Silicon
  • min. 512MB RAM, min. 250MB free hard disk space
  • Graphics card with min. 1280x1024 pixels and 24-bit color depth

Profiling Targets supported by basICColor input 6 Pro 

basICColor dcam target
basICColor dcam SD target
basICColor scan target
basICColor rescan target
Campbell COLT Target
Campbell Pigment Target
CMP Refcard Color Master
CMP Digital Target 7
CMP Digital Target 8
CMP Digital Target SE
ColorChecker Digital SG
ColorChecker Classic
ColorChecker DC
ColorChecker Passport Photo
Digital Transitions Next Genaration Camera Calibration Target v2
EGM hR carta IT8
hR carta IT8
hR-1  Super Chroma Chart
HutchColor Target
ImageEngineering UTT Gray_h (additional Target füor Multi-Target Profiling)
ImageEngineering UTT color
ISa Color Build Target
ISa Color Gauge Matte Target
ISa Color Gauge Glossy Target
ISa Golden Thread Target
ISa Near Neutral Target
ISa RezChecker Matte Target
IT8.7-2 Agfa
IT8.7-2 Fujifilm
IT8.7-2 Kodak Q-60
IT8.7-2 Monaco
Lasersoft IT8.7-2
Lasersoft ISO Target
Lasersoft ISO 35mm Targets
Library of Congress Next Genaration Camera Calibration Target
Munsell Linear Gray Scale  (additional Target füor Multi-Target Profiling)
SpyderCHECKR 24
1-, 2- and 3-Patch Custom Targets

Custom targets:
Lets you define your own target and measure the reference file (i1 Pro or MYIRO-1 required) 

See product video https://youtu.be/wThaPgVdDiM

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