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basICColor cockpit

Viewer, ICC-Converter, Image Color Server

basICColor cockpit is a software that allows to set up a controlled color management environment from raw through color transformations of any kind to final output. The results of each step in the transformation can be viewed visually with the respective image, graphically in a 3D viewer and numerically by using colorimetric evaluations.

Images are organized in cockpit in "Collections", which contain images of one and the same color model. Profiles can be synchronized across the entire Collection.

NEW: Drag&drop complete folders with images of the same type into a collection or into the hot folder!


All images can be viewed on a calibrated and profiled monitor through their embedded profile or one that can be applied individually. Each Collection can contain images in one of the following color models:

  • RGB 8/16bit
  • CMYK 8/16bit (Windows 8bit only)
  • Multicolor
  • Multispectral
  • DNG, Raw from any camera 

When allocating a working space and/or output profile and rendering intent(s) the results can be seen immediately.

Optional gamut warning shows those areas of an image which are outside the gamut (OOG) of the respective destination profile.


You can permanently convert images to any ICC profile. Source and destination profiles as well as the chosen rendering intent will be used for conversion as well as for the soft proof. That eliminates nasty suprises – What You See Is What You Get!

Raw images are developed through DCPs (Digital Camera Profiles) and are then ready for further conversion with ICC profiles.  

Spectral images are interpreted through the definition of their spectral distribution and can then be converted through ICC profiles as well.

The color spces of the respective profiles can be viewed in a 3D graph which also shows the effect of the rendering intent (clipping, compression). This allows for the right choice of working space, for example.

Image Color Server

Images can be converted automatically into other color spaces with a hot-folder mechanism. Even spectral images and raw images can be "developed" into a working space this way. The originals are saved in a separate folder so that no image will be lost.  

For scanner software that doesn´t work with color management a separately created scanner profile can be embedded into the scans in a batch process so that these can be used with color management enabled applications in a controlled and safe way.

Hot folders can be nested so that the result of one conversion can be used as the input for the next one. Thus you can convert to offset CMYK first and convert the result into sRGB for showing the images on the web so that print and internet presentation will match.

NOTICE: Please contact  support@basiccolor.de for a demo license.

Functions Package Includes System Requirements Screenshot


  • Color models: RGB, CMYK, MultiColor, Spectral, Raw, CMYK, MultiColor
  • File formats: TIFF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, DNG, Raw of almost all cameras (except Sigma)
  • Compatibility: ICC profiles v2 and v4, DCP
  • Softproof for images of the above color models
  • ICC converter
  • ColorPicker shows original and preview values as well as ∆E
  • Individual input of comparison colors with ∆E-indicator
  • profile excavator
  • Color server for images



Package Includes

  • basICColor cockpit software for Mac and PC
  • Download from basICColor website
  • TAN for unlocking the software on-line (24/7)
  • Optional
    – basICColor DVD in attractive basICColor metal case
    – USB-Dongle for flexible use
    – Support Agreement for support and free upgrades


Minimum System Requirements


  • Windows 7 (32 and 64 Bit)
  • Intel® Pentium 4-Prozessor
  • 2GB RAM, 100MB Available Disk Space, minimum
  • Graphic Card Supporting 1280x1024 Pixel and 24 Bit Color Depth


  • Mac OS X 10.9
  • Intel® Core-Processor
  • 2GB RAM, 100MB Available Disk Space, minimum
  • Graphic Card Supporting 1280x1024 Pixel und 24 Bit Color Depth


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