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Customers about the NEW basICColor input

Customers about basICColor display

Customers about basICCaliCube

Customers about basICColor CMYKick


 Customers about the NEW basICColor input

Beautiful! basICColor input 5 makes camera profiles that allow me to reproduce my work with astonishing fidelity.

Christopher Campbell, USA

One of my favorite presentations at the 2018 PIA Color Management Conference in San Diego was "From Pigment to Print: Accurate Color in the World of Art Reproduction” presented by Christopher Campbell and Franz Herbert. Christopher demonstrated and explained the printed results he was able to achieve using typical camera profiling charts and softwares versus custom created/measured charts and robust camera profiling software like basICColor input. The difference was undeniable and remarkable. The fact that the input software supports custom charts, multiple charts, and custom reference data - along with the fact that it has several profile generation methods and can create both ICC and DNG profiles - makes it a clear winner in the camera profiling game.

Dan Gillespie, Color Management Group, USA


 Customers about basICColor display

We have installed the new basICColor display for calibrating a CG220. We haven't been satisfied with the slight magenta cast that we have seen when running ColorNavigator on other Eizo monitors that we have calibrated in the past. That cast has disappeared when we changed to basICColor. This is the first time that we have tried the Eizo CG220 and we see the same cast when we tried ColorNavigator. And it disappeared when we used the basICColor display.

The other monitors we tried with the new version calibrated beautifully. And we also liked the new graphic interface. Much more logical and easy to understand. When I will write my review in the photographic magazine I'm writing for, it will get five points out of five possible.

Stefan Ohlsson, Projektor Utbildning 

I am delighted with the results I am getting from the new V4 basICColor display software. It was very easy to set up and even though I didn’t have a manual I was able to produce an excellent monitor profile for my Eizo ColorEdge CG210 within 10 minutes of installation. Comparing V3 with V4, I particularly liked the RGB Gain Sliders feature which allows adjustment of the actual monitor characteristics in real time and this feature is worth the small upgrade cost alone. I ended up with a totally neutral profile for my system giving me full confidence that what I am seeing on the screen is accurate to the original file. Many thanks for an excellent product. I give it the highest recommendation.

Ian Macdonald, Manchester, UK 

I've had the pleasure of downloading and using the basICColor 4 monitor profiling software for the monitor optimiser testing I've been conducting and I'm delighted to say that it came out tops!! Up against five others (GMB, Monaco, Pantone, ColorVision) the basICColor scored 82/100 in my rather unscientific and user-focussed testing. The results will be going up on my website, in a couple of photographers newsletters, and are being published in D-Photo magazine... a glossy publication dealing with all things digital photography for the NZ market. Congratulations on a great product, and for the user manual - which is also excellent.

Linda, NZ


 Customers about basICCaliCube

After only a couple of months of use, I can say that this little tool has simplified the whole process of evaluating shadow and highlight areas in an image, especially when shooting raw and especially when photographing scenes that have no proper highlight area or full tonal range. For example, a landscape which consists mainly of midtones will be hard to evaluate when establishing highlight and shadow points.

Placing the Cube in a shot gives all the information needed to properly set white and black points for a given lighting set-up, whether artificial or natural. The grey face of the Cube is for setting a mid-tone and is particularly useful as it is spectrally neutral... which means it won't change colour under different lighting conditions unlike some popular grey cards. Imagine shooting a bunch of garments somewhere outside...the weather is variable; some cloud cover, some sun... you do a reference shot each time the light changes with a (non-spectrally neutral) grey card. When you come to process the raw files, you use each reference shot to neutralise on and find that... oh dear... each batch of images has a slightly different colour temp. If you use a spectrally neutral grey card instead though... consistency reigns. Which means time saved... and time is...

The only thing you need in addition is something to hang the cube off!

Nick Dunmur, 2006


 Customers about basICColor CMYKick

I am a photographer in Toronto and I own an i1 and PMP as well as StudioPrint RIP. I have been totally unhappy with the results I am getting in terms of creating neutral prints and tried your CMYK Kick. I have to say I am blown away how easy it is to use as well has how awesome my profile is. With that said I am not a print shop and have already invested a lot of money to get great prints for my clients and the thought of spending more hurts as I am sure you can appreciate. With that said the results I got were amazing and for a guy like me the black box cmyk conversation is what I need as I want to spend more time shooting and less time worrying about colour management on a micro level. Thanks again and WELL DONE!

Cliff Spicer, Canada

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